Thx for the excellent discussion, but I believe a point is lacking.  Let's 
assume that Jesus has presented a body of knowledge and techniques pointing to 
the Unified Field (Ground of Being) and It's Realization.  Fine, but here's a 
question I posed to Bishop Spong (a deceased Christian Gnostic).  I asked him 
that given that Buddhism and or what is collectively called "Hinduism" 
(Sanatana Dharma) have countless teachers in unbroken traditions geared toward 
Self Realization (Enlightenment, or whatever terms are used), and there doesn't 
seem to be much of an unbroken Gnostic Tradition in Christianity comprised of 
large numbers of Realized persons that we can point to (apart from luminaries 
such as St. John of the Cross); then......why the Jesus part?
 Spong's reply: simply because devotion to Jesus pleases him.  
 Fine, but I don't see how any Jesus Program is superior to what's offered as 
derived from Buddhism and Hinduism.  (notwithstanding the case of the Spiritual 
Giants in the Quaker Tradition.)
 So why Jesus?


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