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 Judy, when I say Brexit was a *done deal*, I'm referring to the idea, that  
the results of that vote fooled the pundits, all of the experts.
 Almost every week since last summer, nearly every political pundit was heard 
or seen saying that Trump's latest comment was the one that would finish him. 
He can't *win* any longer. His political *blunders* only made him stronger and 
more popular to everyone's astonishment. There was always an excuse why he 
couldn't go on.

 You're making the same *possible* mistake. "Oh, he only won primaries" , No 
more of those, now he can't possibly win any more voters.

  Well, there are about 20% of voters who haven't made up their minds yet. As 
far as Republicans go, many are not enthusiastic about him, don't like him, 
even hate him but... the overwhelming majority know the consequences of *not* 
voting for him. *Never Hillary* will be the rallying cry.
 The undecided voters are another story. Be my guest if you want to 
underestimate Trump's ability to gain their support but you better hope things 
in Europe get quiet. There is an anti-immigrant sentiment growing in the west. 
More and more people are demanding that our borders, customs and culture be 
respected and terrorism addressed effectively instead of justified.


 Mikey, Mikey, Mikey. Who is the "our" here? What makes up the "customs and 
culture" of the US of A? Are you just thinking white Anglo Saxons here or are 
you including all of the millions of other ethnicities that live in the US and 
have created this glorious melting pot? I just don't think you think half of 
the time.

 (snippity do da)


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