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> So, as ever, a topic is derailed.
> MMY can disparage whosoever he pleases, cos he gets the slack.
> His lectures, his tapes, his videos can get edited to make him sound 
> more balanced, but woe betide it if the bedfellow talkingheads from AMT 
> detect a trace of irritation when I suggest that there may be more to 
> the story than has thus far been revealed.
The British in India 
I have received an email relating to a press conference in which MMY 
Premanand Paul Mason
premanandpaul          Dec 14, 2005 6:39 am

Re: The British in India 
... Is this how you conduct research for your published books? To fish for ...
mainstream20016      Dec 14, 2005 8:19 am
Re: The British in India 
There is no question that MMY disparages Britain, the issue has already ...
Premanand Paul Mason
premanandpaul        Dec 14, 2005 11:25 am
                      There is no question that MMY disparages Britain, 
                      the issue has already provoked much discussion on FFL. 
                      Since he has broadcast anti-British propaganda, it would 
                      be grossly irresponsible and incredible if this 
                      were suppressed. It would be interesting to know the 
                      wording of his transmission to those in India.

mainstream 20016 writes:
   TBers stumble and stagger when presented with facts that challenge their 
loyalties, yet a 
published cynic likewise amuses as he defends his irresponsible reporting by 
citing his 
righteous duty to not suppress information.  
    Defective may be the rationalizations of the TBers....  Yet shall the 
published cynic be 
allowed unobstructed retelling of  uncited quotations? Why should we readers
accept the notion from the published cynic that the quotes were from a single 
speech over 
a 30 minute period?  The published cynic is exactly right when he wrote the 
following- "It 
would be interesting to know the exact wording of his transmission to those in 
India" in 
    It is irresponsible of the published cynic to retell that which has not 
cited nor verified.  When I read that since editing has occurred in other 
instances it 
happened here, I am reminded of the TBers' defense of the indefensible.  Yes, 
the quotes 
could be true....or perhaps something similar, but benign, was actually said, 
at different 
times, in different contexts.
    I wouldn't be surprised if the published cynic finds someday that he is 
quoted as having 
himself witnessed verbatim that which he retold in the post in question. 
   Although the published cynic contributed in the past on a subject of 
interest to readers 
of FFL, the uncited quotes of FFL#81759 undermine the validity of that earlier 
Perhaps the topic has been derailed.  Mr. Published Cynic, do really want to 
keep driving 
that train?

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