Hillary has the fastest Pneumonia recovery in history!

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 Right, she wasn't just *over heated and dehydrated*, she has friggen 
pneumonia. Just another lie and cover up when her health has become an issue, 
and still is.
 Kind of like, *I didn't send or receive any classified e-mails, I turned over 
*all* of my E-mails, even though they were only about wedding plans and yoga 
 *Benghazi was caused by a video.* She's a freaking liar.

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   Guess you missed the news that she had pneumonia, huh? Not a serious case, 
but enough to make her more vulnerable to the heat (she was wearing a Kevlar 
vest) and dehydration. Dizziness is a common effect of dehydration, BTW.



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 Hey, I am enjoying this game. OK, your turn again to make sh*t up..

 How about this one. She just got a little *overheated* and dehydrated.


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   That's *actually* Trump in blackface trying to eavesdrop on the Clinton 
Campaign. The "Epi pen" contains a sedative that he administers to himself 
frequently, accounting partially for his less than stellar intellectual 

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 You know the very large black man that is frequently seen with Hillary?. He 
was show holding what looked like Epi pens in his hand in photos recently. 
Everyone thought he was Secret Service. No, he's Dr, Okunola. He specializes in 
epilepsy and other neurological disorders including Parkinson's disease.






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