The Democratic Party has become "Republican Lite" over the last few years and sucks up to corporate America too.

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Vote for the party, not the candidate.

Many people want change they can believe in and they'll vote for whoever can effect change. They don't want a Bush or a Clinton in in the oval office anymore. They'll vote for anyone if it will help alter the status quo in Washington.

We need term limits for politicians. There's too much federal waste and too many people cashing in on big government.

"What all the wise men promised has not happened, and what all the damned fools said would happen has come to pass." - Lord Melbourne

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There's a foolproof way for Tump to win the election. I'm surprised none of his campaign managers has tried this tactic. That is, Trump should obtain an endorsement from a well known televangelist, such as Pat Robertson or Billy Graham, who would prophesy to the American people of his victory in November. That could do the trick.

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The problem is that people who are planning to vote for Trump do not read articles such as these. The New York Times and the Washington Post have done an excellent job in exposing Trump for who he is—their columnists have produced hundreds of articles denouncing him, day after day, week after week, a nonstop assault since he became a serious contender for the presidency. But it has had zero effect. How many Trump supporters read the Times or the Post? Five? Ten? Twenty?

I have no idea but when people's minds are made up they stop looking. It appears, based on the fact that there is terrible history that follows Trump and he continues to enact all sorts of tells on who he is as a con man and charlatan who cares for nothing and no one but himself and his insipid offspring, that this holds no sway with those who think much of him. They are stuck in some fantasy of who Trump is and what he will do for them and nothing will shake that. Nothing.

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Well written, and factual.

Very much worth the read. I know/realize all this and more - the man is a complete menace to all decency and what we hold dear in this country, in our lives. What is maddening is when you get these idiot radicals blowing up things in the US or abroad and it becomes instant fodder for Trump to spew more of his "I told you so" and "Only I can keep you safe from the Muslim threat". This is not good timing and I curse these terrorist imbeciles every time they do something because it only furthers Trumps rhetoric in the eyes of the gullible, shallow-thinking supporters he seems to draw to himself.

See, already this is happening. A no-brainer to predict.

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