Notice of an Embargo, something of a road closure.. 

 -Frontline, at FairfieldLife a (spiritual) Yahoo-group:
 Not the customary analysis of politics and economics but  a conversation about 
spiritual questions.   What did it mean for our spiritual lives?"   

 We are upon 3 weeks now to the US election. It is certainly time with all that 
is spiritual going on otherwise to reel this place back in some and put an 
embargo on mundane political bickering that has become exclusive of any 
spiritual commentary. This is expected of us as a topical (spiritual) 
Yahoo-group and certainly there are lots of other places for mundane partisan 
bickering on the internet.  

 Notice and Fair Warning: Until the election day in the USA passes a heavy hand 
of moderation is going to fall over mundane political postings that come on to 
FFL with a particular embargo on posts which contain words, ‘Hillary’, 
‘Donald’, ‘Clinton’ or ‘Trump’.
 Writers should take alternate routes (detours) around these words for the next 
three weeks.   

 There are any number of capable writers posting to FFL. Those who have 
spiritual observation to offer can easily continue to offer their 
considerations on FairfieldLife, a Yahoo-group community.  -JaiGuruYou   


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