Why should we care what fundamentalists think? There are such kinds in every religion and they missed the boat a long time ago. They are a minority and should never be treated like they are a majority. It's not like we keep them from learning anything as it's up to them to ask to learn.

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Thx again Doug for posting the Smithsonian article on the Quietist schools supported by Lynch, under the direction of an apparent independent academic party (the independence part is something new and unexpected....since it lends credibility to the science).

....Unfortunately, the venture may not go over well as soon as the Fundamentalist Christians learn of it. Put yourself in their shoes. First step Google TM Mantras, or "Are TM Mantras Names of the Gods". Naturally, they will select the very first entry on top, and use that to attempt to discredit the Quietist schools.

...Next, they will gather a group of like-minded Folk to picket the schools and put pressure on the local politicians to put a lid on the venture, claiming the separation of Church and State (since their conclusion will be that the TM mantras are the Names of the Hindu Gods, according to the very first google entry that comes up.).

Any TM practitioner knows that when using the mantras, they aren't praying to the actual "Gods"; but the reality of what actually happens is experientially obscure and beyond the superficial understanding of the Fundamentalists. A media frenzy will ensue, since the media feeds on superficiality.

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