--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Lineage, lineage, lineage. It's the morphogenetic field of the mantra.
> Oh yeah, and lineage. Lineage should take you back to the source of  
> the mantras original cognition. The best way to get a mantra is in  
> the same way it originally manifested or from someone who 
> experienced  
> a fresh manifestation of that sound at the para and pashyanti level.

The mystical side of me says. "groovy".(1) Statements and claims such
as the above have fascinated and attacted me since my teens, and
actually young childhood.

However the rational side of me asks "why?". If it is sound, the full
wave characteristics are embedded in the sound. Does linneage change
the wave form? I supect not. So what is the "THERE there" that lineage
adds  to the wave form? What is that (neo)ooga-booga (neo in that it
is  current slang, not a past racial epitath.)(2)

The mystical but wondering side of me thinks, well maybe its sort of
like a live rose vs a dead rose. Chemically they may be the same, but
clearly there is a difference. 

The analytical side says, well chemicaly only maybe. But if you did an
infrared analysis or something, you could easily see a difference. An
a minimum, less heat. And no "aspiration" flow or air and "sap".. 

The analytical side says, well I am open to some actual
'ogga-booga"from linneage being there, I just don't understand what
that is -- it must have has some "relative" structure -- even if very

+++++++  Interpretative KEYS +++++++++++++ 

Key to a) satire, b) sarcasm, c) irony, d)parody, e) mimicing, f)
self-mocking g) unsarcastic social mocking  h) wink wink and i) angry

(1) Thats mainly an f. With a touch of g.

(2) its not intended as a b), though I will let Judy be the judge if
its receivd that way. Its more an homage and acknowledgment that I get
the point, but also a recognition that many blacks and much of the
society use the term with no demeaning intent. Maybe this is more of a

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