Sikhs to the rescue!

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Refugees would just need to obtain valid/current Dome badges to live in the Ideal Life Village listed below.

I don't know, they do some pretty extreme vetting to get one of those.
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We certainly have facilities for accommodation, we could easily welcome practicing meditators from California who are evacuating away from the floods there.

  “Send to us your tired, your poor,
  Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
  The wretched refuse of your teeming shores.
  Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed, to us:
  We lift our lamps to you beside the golden Fairfield, Iowa Domes.”

habla Espanol?
Actually our meditating community here is quite an international community. Cosmic-politan. adjective

    familiar with and at ease in many different countries, places and
    cultures of the universe.

Bhairitu writes:

Last I heard 200,000 people had packed up and were headed for Houston. ;-)

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California refugee evacuees can get on Interstate 80 there in Sacramento and drive East to Fairfield, Iowa.
It is four-laner Interstate highway the whole way to Fairfield, Iowa now.

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Flight connections are good to Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Quad-Cities, and Peoria.

Amtrak runs from Sacramento to very nearby Fairfield, Iowa.

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Look at the maps.. What they are not saying is
that Yuba City and Sacramento are right next in the path
of the devastation after Oroville when that dam cuts loose.

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Accommodating an emergency move?
Fairfield, Iowa has great public schools, a diversified economy, fabulous public accommodations for recreation and the arts, good access to world class healthcare, active farmer’s markets in locally grown produce, and wonderful and active spiritual practice communities.

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Immediate, Comfortable and affordable accommodations in Fairfield, Iowa..

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They could evacuate immediately to Fairfield, Iowa.

We already have established a FEMA trailer camp retrofit and updated here awaiting to receive people looking for a better life.

Fairfield, Iowa will be high ground in times to come, relatively benign, and relatively safe for some long time as a place for global climate change refugees.

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Thousands are evacuating the Oroville and Marysville area due to
problems at the Oroville dam. Live newscast out of Sacramento:

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