Succinct Action Steps for Dr. Hagelin to Engage

 Top of list: Re-articulate Communal Mission

 Dissolve all the Meditation Monitoring System(s). Get the movement out of all 
the biz of monitoring people (students, faculty, grantees, citizens, old 
initiators/govs of TSR) and their meditations.

 Dissolve the IAA grant program as it is currently.  Re-Start a World Peace 
Assembly for those who can. 

 Shorten the morning and evening long program by letting attendees out of the 
Domes to 11:45am and 6:15pm so our meditators could be eating and networking in 
sync with the larger meditating community around them. Axe the time spent on 
the puja and the 10am ‘number one’ experience meeting in the middle of the 
morning meditation. 
 Worst than just being spartan the grant program as it has been administered 
turns these people into renunciate sanyasis in our midsts.

 Stop the daily Puja Performance as part of the Dome meditation program

 Stop the 10:00am ‘number one experience’ sessions. Make that meeting now 
separate from the meditating of the group. 

 Get the Dome WPA meditation down to two long programs for anyone who would 
take the time.

 Advocate largely for the larger group meditation by the practice of 
transcendent meditative experience along with the science, and not through 
disciplinary punitive means of judging or monitoring of their practice while 
meditating, their level of fealty of faith or belief, or the lives of members.  


 Q: They wonder, why are people not meditating together? 

 A:Using our own communal technical Vedic Science nomenclature..  Monitoring 
lowered the group coherence and numbers meditating in Fairfield by 'tainting 
the wave function' of consciousness as the wave function of individual 
consciousness collapses in meditation(™). 

 The coloring of consciousness with fear by effect of monitoring in physical 
observation is antithetical to meditation in creating stress to the innocence 
of the practice. 

 It was the same complaint of students both at MSAE and MUM over being graded 
on their meditation practice by monitors and having that grade go in 
transcripts. The same complaint of the file-making on meditator’s private lives 
by ‘the administrative state’ of the ™ movement.   

The monitoring needs to be decompressed to something else to help get back to 
increased levels of communal cohesion again. 


 Communal Critical mass?

 Also, it is way past time to re-draft the national guidelines that regulate 
membership for inclusion in the group meditations.  There are way too many 
“non-compete” clauses that remain in the guidelines, still. Clauses that 
exclude capable meditators from the collective of the group meditations.  It is 
sinful what the Rajas have continued to abide in excluding people. 

---In, <> wrote :

 What has been allowed to happen with the Dome meditation numbers in Fairfield 
will be defining of how life in the local economy goes forward for Fairfield, 
Iowa. Remediation? There are meetings that have been ongoing the last weeks 
right now about this.  Everyone who lives in Fairfield should be concerned and 
vocal with the TM movement Trustees who let this happen. 

---In, <> wrote :

 This is a communal problem we have here in Fairfield, this is not a forlorn 
hope here in the community. This is a uniquely Fairfield and American ™ 
movement problem here. The challenge here is to get the ™ movement Trustees, 
the Raja and their own movement apparatchiks to behave themselves in a way that 
is actually helpful to the group numbers. 

Starting a some few weeks ago, after the removing of the former university 
President here, there have been ad hoc local meditator, university people, AND 
grantees of the Invincible America Assembly (IAA) sub-committee meetings on the 
unique problems of ™ meditating community in Fairfield. A week ago about 60 or 
80 select TM movement 'elite' people met on the problem. Of course that did not 
include the larger meditating community in Fairfield in direct push back. Work 
is in progress, as the road signs say.. 


 yifuxero wriges:

 Probability assessment:  What's the probability that (in view of the results 
so far), that any tactic on your part or any expenditure of mental effort will 
result in an increase in the dome numbers?  If close to zero, why waste any 
time worrying about?

---In, <> wrote :

 That we have got the separated and disenfranchised old ™ movement meditators 
here out sitting in Fairfield’s cafes and coffee shops during the group 
meditation times is bad enough but these Raja and the movement apparatchiks who 
defend the Raja standing in the way of remediating what obviously needs be done 
is itself counter-revolutionary. Quite evidently it is the Trustees, Raja and 
their apparatchiks themselves who need to be taken out and re-educated by the 
best of the science on the meissner-like effect of meditating in groups.  How 
could it have got so bad for the Dome meditation numbers? It is terrible how 
bad they have let the administrative state of it get and evidently keep at it 
by their inaction on what has become the status quo of decline. 

 Timeline Summary:

​March 2011 through July 2012   17 consecutive higher months YOY due to many 
projects to increase attendance (so there is a precedent for long-term 
attendance increase if fundamentals and certain projects are in place). ​​
 ​August 2012 through Sept 2016 - 50 consecutive lower months YOY, beginning 
suddenly from a specific cause (our continuing drop did not begin when the 
Grant was temporarily stopped one year later, it had already been going on for 
12 consecutive months). ​

Feb through June 2016 - Attendance up YOY in Women's Dome due to Festival of 
World Peace


 Oct and Nov 2016 - Attendance significantly up YOY due to October 

 Dec 2016 through Feb 2017 - Attendance a little lower in both Domes YOY

 March and April, 2017 - Attendance substantially lower YOY


---In, <> wrote :

 Magnanimity.  The TM movement Trustees and Rajas must come together on this to 
save the cohesion of the American meditating movement community here. Above all 
they need to be magnanimous right now.  The narrative is bad out there.  The 
Patterson-Morris administrative state of TM spent 37 years separating 
meditators from the American meditating movement. We cannot afford that now any 
longer. The trustees, Rajas of TM and movement apparatchiks must be magnanimous 
in facilitating our group meditations here now, by contrast.  

---In, <> wrote :

 To make some budget, extracting money out of this they are thinking to 
institute fees, to support the what? The IAAssembly ‘grantees’ or Domes 
themselves? Fees of support of $30, 50, 100 a month on people who do meditate 
in the Domes.  

"..just had a long talk,
 1. They both strongly oppose monitoring. she went off the Grant because of it.
 2. They both were 100% clear that attendance declined since August 2012, when 
monitoring began, and went down an even bigger drop further in August 2013 when 
the Grant was reorganized." 




 ---In, <> wrote :

 There is a crisis of leadership here at the top. 

 In our case here at the Dome the sheep herders mostly don't meditate in the 
group at the Domes.



---In, <> wrote :

 Given all that we do know about the power of group meditation and what we do 
have here to facilitate a group in meditation we must have new and brilliant 
leadership on this now to wield the power of our group meditators meditating 
here. The leadership must move immediately from their narcissisms to 
magnanimity.  The status quo of 37 years spent separating people from the 
movement and the group meditation is not good enough.

---In, <> wrote :

 It is terrible that the Trustees and Rajas and those who defend them have let 
it get so bad with the meditating numbers here. 
 It is time to overrule the fanatics and change the guidelines by extending the 
olive branch of membership back to those who have been separated from the 
movement during this late era of the Patterson-Morris administrative state of 
the USA movement. It is time for the ™ Rajas to collectively step up to the 
problem that was created in the US movement before and expect instead a healthy 
change towards expansion.
---In, <> wrote :

 Yep it seems a frightened flock of meditators now.
 A best thing you hope for as a sheep shepherd is a leader-sheep in the flock 
who has a steady eye with enough bravery and inner wisdom to gather up and lead 
a flock with you. 

 You look for the sheep with courage to step up and lead and then give them 
enough calmness and encouragement to come forward.  That part takes being a 
good human being in character.  Those guys of the Patterson-Morris 
administrative state of TM it seems clear now did not have what it takes to 
shepherd people, they probably should never have administrated anything.

 177 in the Dome the other morning. 

 Rajawilliamsmith wrote:

 Sheep herders lead from behind.


 ---In, <> wrote :

 Only 179 in the Dome the other morning. 

---In, <> wrote :

 It is time for a new policy of inclusion. The old adage is, “You can’t lead 
from behind”.  The ™ Rajas need to bravely get out front on this now. And,those 
Raja who can’t need to recuse themselves and get out of the way. 

 This part of culture change is going to take some extraordinary leadership by 
some brave Rajas to step in to position out in front of us all. ..Grant them 

---In, <> wrote :

 I appreciate your concern here but it would be an invasion of some people's 
privacy to go on about this here. The more important thing here in this subject 
thread is what cultural fiduciary position the TM Raja have with the TM 

---In, <> wrote :

 Please share with us as U may know what Rajas have left or become in active in 
our movement! Thanks in advance 4 this news
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