Meditating attendees at the men’s Dome had a relatively large 
 ​YOY (year over year) ​
 June of 26 
 ​fewer men​
 per Program than last year. 
 Attendees at mediation in the women’s Dome had a very very large drop of 79 
per Program, yoy.


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 The ending of the “grant” program funding.
 Old meditators cut loose as
 the ™ movement readies to
 outsource US Meditation to India.
 The international ™ movement is announcing it will shift its funding resources 
away from propping the Dome group meditation in Iowa over to pundit programs in 
 Winding down the “Grant” program..
 Financial support for the Invincible America Assembly had been coming in 
substantial amounts donated monthly by Drs. Howard and Mickey Settle. About two 
years ago, the International ™ Movement took over most, then all, of the IAA 
Grant funding, and has now announced it will step down its contributions 
beginning in September, to 22% of the $90,000/month it has been giving, by this 
coming November. 

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 The movement should get out of the business of monitoring people.


 Myth: People dropped off or were cut from the Grant because there was not 
enough funds, due to Howard Settle's business situation. 
 Truth: Not one person was dropped from the Grant due to reduction in Settle 
funds in 2013. Every single person who re-applied went back on the Grant. Julie 
Anne, who handled the Grant checks, told me this herself. But the 100 person 
drop overnight, and 350 or more after that reduction, was primarilybecause of 
dislike or disapproval of the 'monitoring' system, and, the way that Bryan Lee 
et al conducted the lengthy highly formal meeting to introduce the 'monitoring' 
system (I had warned him what 'monitoring' would do, and also what that type of 
meeting would do, but was disregarded). It crippled Movement family and 
community feeling, what was left of that. 
 The reduction in attendance began ONE YEAR BEFORE the Settle funds were 
reduced. In August of 2012. Soon as 'monitoring' started, after 17 nearly 
consecutive higher months, our attendance fell through the floor, and went down 
12 consecutive months PRIOR TO the Settle fund reduction (then continued 
falling for 39 months after that, until 2 months up for October Surprise (then 
down 3 months in a row since then.
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 ‘Fixing’ the grant $ program and its monitoring? 
 That seems like.. 'putting Lipstick on a pig’.  

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 The Administrative State of monitoring..

 The coloring of consciousness with fear by effect of meditation-monitoring in 
physical observation is antithetical to 'effortless meditation' in creating 
stress to the innocence of the practice.

 FW: ..refer to Maharishi's Commentary on the Gita, where he states, inter 
alia, at VI: 10, "the feeling of someone being around him or watching him may 
impede the smoothness of the process of transcending."
 This monitoring system is clearly in contrast to basic Program instructions 
about not being watched while meditating that are in our Checking Notes, and in 
Chapter VI Verse 10 of Maharishi's Gita. 
 This system has also been a dagger in the thigh of our Sidha community, 
already hurt by decades of authoritarian administration. There are mild to very 
hard feelings about it all over town among all those who know about it. It has 
put many people off the end of the diving board w the Movement, hurt our local 
community and Movement more than almost any single thing that has ever happened 
to it. 
 note what this 'monitoring' system involves - 
 A man up on the stage not meditating, watching each person, counting how many 
hops they take per Program, how many times they go to the bathroom, how many 
minutes they are gone, how many times they lie down to sleep, for how long each 
time, and when they enter and leave the day, to the minute, 
 and writing it all down as needed and entering it in a computer spreadsheet at 
night, then the record being reviewed by someone else, then if felt necessary 
someone who is too far from the Program being emailed anonymously, or asked to 
call an out of state phone # of someone they never heard of? 

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 FW: "..refer to Maharishi's Commentary on the Gita, where he states, inter 
alia, at VI: 10, "the feeling of someone being around him or watching him may 
impede the smoothness of the process of transcending."

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 At this point we should carry on without the movement doing the paying of 
people to meditate. That is just fraught with bad feeling. Parse that off to 
some other non-profit entity to figure out if it can be. Drop now the IAA and 
carry on with a WPA group meditation for those who can. The movement should 
simply just facilitate meditation and not try to run the social support program 
by monitoring people's lives. Let other parts of the meditating community 
figure that out.    

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 A Responding e-mail: Dr. Hagelin, I came to MIU in 1974 as a student. One of 
the best times of my life, I was inspired to become a teacher, moved here to 
raise children, etc.

 IF, MIU had had "monitoring"then, I'm sure I'd never have stayed in Fairfield. 
Honestly, the concept is weird and certainly not...spiritual.


 I stay because Fairfield is a mature and integrated spiritual community that 
supports me and that hopefully I contribute to. I do hope that some thought and 
consideration is given to the points about "monitoring". 

 I'm sure none of this policy is your design but I'm inspired to write you. One 
would hope, that the understanding of the practice 

 of meditation, i.e. that "control" doesn't work, could be applied in this 


 In appreciation and gratitude,


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 FW: Friends it is imperative that we all press Dr. Hagelin to put an end to 
monitoring in the Dome meditation.  Monitoring as it has been done in the 
administrative state of the “grant” program and the Invincible America Assembly 
stands as a prime culprit in the undoing of our communal cohesion as a 
meditating community. 

 There is an elite level of money and administrative apparatchiks in the 
movement community who are enamored of controlling people with punitive 
controls by monitoring meditation. Punitive monitoring of meditation is 
completely antithetical to what we stand on as the teaching of effortless 
meditation.  It is time to put to put an end to the administrative state of the 
Invincible America Assembly.

 This is an extremely important time right now. As much as one can act right 
now,  push this real concern about the group meditation here in Fairfield by 
contacting Dr. Hagelin now.  

 Dr. Hagelin as Raja of America in the Global Country of World Peace, Director 
of Maharishi Foundation USA, and as President of Maharishi International 
University (MUM), Dr. Hagelin has the position to pull rank and remediate this 

 Ask him to take courage and right this predicament which is so fundamental to 
our innocent practice of meditation as a group.  It is time to remove what has 
been a sutra of fear from the Dome community. 

 Act now and share your feelings about this with Dr. Hagelin at,

 Write him

 Dr, John Hagelin, MUM President’s Office   

 Leave a Phone Message 


 Tell him:

 Dr. Hagelin,, 
 Please dissolve all the Meditation Monitoring System(s) and get the movement 
out of all the business of monitoring people (students, faculty, grantees, 
citizens, old initiators/govs of TSR) and their meditations.

 The large principle here is that monitoring the way it has been done in the 
Domes is fundamentally antithetical to the effortless practice of meditation 

 Tell this to Dr. Hagelin and anyone else who could help.

 For the community don’t lose this opportunity now to:
 Stop the ‘grant’ program right now as it is run. It is way too corrosive to 
the element of innocence and effortless meditation there.  Let some other 
community group figure out how to support these few indigents who are 
meditating on the “long program” in the Domes. Everything should be done to 
support them but it is clearly time to get the movement out of the 
administration of the grant. The money and with its monitoring the grant has 
destroyed the whole coherence of what was the place.

 A substantial “principle of the 2nd element” towards correcting this is to 
completely skip trying to ‘solve’ the problem on the level of the problem but 
simply to stop having the movement run the ‘grant’ program as the Invincible 
America Assembly.
 There have been weeks-long ongoing considerations of this in small groups and 
meditating community committees including grantees, university, TSR, IAA and 
administrator members of the meditating community..

 Summary links, open and scroll down..
 The FairfieldLife forum can be read by the public without having to join as a 
group member, 

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Now to Meditation! 
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 Act now
 with the best of kind regards,

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 As an advocating force behind meditation monitoring,
 Raja Bob LoPinto,  someone was saying LoPinto is not a TM teacher?
 Is that true?
 Minister of Finance and Planning: Raja Bob LoPinto

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