Of grounding, 

 A fair quote from Zen Calendar today,

 ..Earth’s crammed with heaven,
 And every common bush afire with the Unified Field:
 But only he who sees takes off his shoes.


 Bhairitu offers:


The problem is that meditation is often taught wrong.  Other paths often just 
use meditation as a utility, you meditate when you fee like or need.  Advice 
from my tantra guru was, "if you don't feel like meditating then don't as 
nothing will be gained."  Meditation in general is used as a tool to calm the 
sympathetic nervous system, the part of the autonomic nervous system we use for 
activity.  Once calmed the thoughts which the sympathetic system triggers slow 
or stop just leaving an experience of pure consciousness.

But also keep in mind that one person's meditation technique may not work for 
another person.  Though many may need calming other may need stimulation.  
Ayurveda recognizes this and that's why there are different mantras for each 
dosha.  Gurus would often observe a student and give them an appropriate mantra 
for their constitution.  And some paths give a student a mantra for calming and 
one for stimulation, use as needed.

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 This researcher is clearly very smart but this paper is all mentalization of 
the mind, the mind’s content and aversions and straight to allopathy.  More 
study needed.

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 So claims the DSM..
 Treatment of depersonalization disorder
 There is no single cure for depersonalization disorder; rather, there are 
various approaches to treating the disorder and managing symptoms. 
Psychotherapy and medication are the most common treatment options for 
depersonalization disorder, either in isolation or combined.


 ..prognosis for many sufferers is positive. With the correct diagnosis and 
effective treatment, many patients can expect to regain control and 
re-establish a sense of self and connection to their surroundings.
 The treatment suggested will depend on various factors




 cardemaister writes:


 ..mentioning years ago that sometimes her  ..feelings
 are quite flat (or something to that effect) after doing YF. 

 I tend to agree. In my case it might primarily be the contrast between
 the mahaa-videhaa (great bodylesness; YS III ~ 44) experienced during YF as 
opposed to the feeling of being imprisoned in this mortal coil "outside" YF.



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 As a pilot study.., Good problem definitions.  This person has thought long 
and hard about this.
 Now needs more than a surveying of 60 persons to be able to say much about it. 


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