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> I think that a correlation should be done between the number of 
> peanuts Mr. Carter has stashed away and the number of HFH edifices 
> he has participated in building.

And what would such correlation prove? I am quite confident I can show
you all sorts of high correlations between HFH edifices 
he has participated in building and things such as: sun spots, stock
price movements of ove 1000 listed securities, transits of some major
and minor planets, the number of times paris hilton farts in a year,
the barking frequenscy of some dogs, drug arrests in some towns, the
number of posts on some lists, the number of vowels on the front page
of some major dailies, etc. 

The point being, mere correlation does not prove anything. 
There ae thousands of spurious correlations to anything you want to
find correlations for. What is needed is a structural explanative
model-- as to why such a correlation should be found, the finding of
such other correlations in fraud cases, and any number of other things
before you can begin to suggest a causal relationship. 

> I think the Carter Center in Atlanta serves as a front for the whole 
> sordid enterprise, too!

"Sorid enterprise" now you have gone from unsubstanted fantasy
speculation to depcting such as reality. Thats the kind of
fantasy/acting out "cross-over" that some say becomes dangerous.

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