John, regardless of how the gunas may affect you, that does not change that 
fact that you are the author of your actions.   

 And in that Brahman exists eternally without change and in that the ultimate 
reality of the individual soul is identical with that of the Universe, then it 
is only appearances that change.  I would argue that you are experiencing 
divine consciousness, by virtue of living an ordinary or extraordinary life, 
whether you realize it or not.  

 It is not possible to act in the world without influence from karma or action, 

 The beautiful thing about scripture and stories in any religion is that 
because they are allegorical to very large degree they are interpreted and 
reinterpreted across the ages.  
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 For most Americans and people who've grown up in the traditional western 
culture, usiing the term the "gunas" is a foreign word and concept.  We were 
brought to claim responsibility for our own actions.  Thus, it is inconceivable 
to have a foreign entity or mode of nature to take ownership of our own actions.

 The idea is similar to the idea that the kingdom of God is within you, as you 
have quoted from Luke.  MMY even says that the gunas are the powers of nature 
that come from God.  In simple terms, the gunas include the basic elements of 
nature such as, water, fire, earth, air and ether.  They are part of us and 
vice versa.  Thus, our thinking process and consciousness are influenced by 
these basic elements.

 MMY  has explained this concept in his commentary to the B. Gita.  But in my 
opinion, it is the natural way to explain what Jesus meant by the kingdom of 
God.  It also explains how we can act in the world without stress and influence 
from karma or action.  Intellectual understanding of the process is not needed. 
 It is experienced by the process of transcending while in meditation.

 This process is now more natural and familiar compared to some evangelicals, 
like a pastor from the Philippines, who claims that he is the appointed son of 
God.  He's even stated that we are now in the stage of "rapture" as stated in 
Revelations.  Moreover, he claims to have inherited the resurrected body of 
Christ.  Is he crazy?  But he has a worldwide following.

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 1)  You are the author of your actions. 

 2) Perhaps in living in the world of  ordinary existence you *are* 
experiencing divine consciousness!  "Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo 
there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you." Luke 17:21

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 According to the B Gita, as explained by MMY, it is the gunas.  But how can we 
experience  divine consciousness despite acting in the world of ordinary 

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