Paradise Lost?
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 Respite:  a short period of rest or relief from something difficult or 



 Come meditate now with the meditating community in Fairfield, Iowa.


 Fleeing towards respite, 
 throw essential belongs you may have into a car and start driving.

 Note: Available Short-term Lodging of Meditators who practice TM and the 
™-Sidhis is now more opened up at the pundit campus. For Short-term 
accommodation, including meditation with the group.

 Check out the..
 Idealife Campus Rounding on the ‘long program’ of the 
Assembly is no longer required for rental lease at the pundit campus.



 There are rentals in Fairfield, Iowa
 on AirBnB.



 For meditators, come meditate along with other meditators in Fairfield, Iowa.
 There are several group meditations in Fairfield to attend. Also meetings
 to attend with other meditators.
 Fairfield, Iowa is a fabulous place for spiritual respite, renewal.


 An Iowa retreat offers a place of peace to those fleeing extreme weather 

 Also a place to learn to meditate..




 2018 Hurricane Season Will Bring Another Battery Of Storms 

 Lodging and Housing




 Vastu Rentals in Fairfield (on Facebook):
 Temporary Vastu Housing (without lease)
 Permanent Vastu Housing (with lease)




 Cries she
 With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
 Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
 The wretched refuse of your teeming storms.
 Send these, the homeless, the climate’s tempest-tossed to me,
 I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”


 FW: Paradigm Change..the last week in May atmospheric scientists at:  reported a huge albeit 
temporary spike in Methane gas release in the northern hemisphere. This 
indicated to us that we may not even have 1-3 years before the 'preverbal SHIT 
hits the fan' as Dr. McPherson so aptly referred to what is about to unfold. 

 FW email: "..Finally we must inspire and motivate those present that 
collective consciousness can and must alter this apparent scientific 
inevitability of climate change.  Now is the final call for our consciousness 
based community to rally together in large groups to routinely do their 
meditation practices."
Better to move to Fairfield than come as a refugee.

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 An Irony is that climate change peer review science and meditation peer review 
science are both met with the same strategies of character assassination, 
assertions by false truth, posing doubt about the economy being able to afford 
remediation and skepticisms sown about science in whether correlation means 
 In the same way that the scientists of meditation have known the hateful works 
of the deniers the same strategies carried out by the same kind of anti-science 
people and ideologies the meditation scientists can have a lot of empathy for 
climate change scientists by shared experience.

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 Public Policy should be driven by Science. Considering the science of climate 
change and science of meditation it is worth making a stand in human life.
 "Live urgently: meditate now! The end is plainly very near!" 
 We can contribute spirituality in to the rational consideration of of the 
consequent of Arctic Ice Melt.

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 Considering Human life brings up spirituality right away.
 Such overwhelming fatalism like the climate science gives will bring 
 the push back to nihilism. Spirituality then as we know it in our 
 meditational experience is the antidote to all that of 'nothing of purpose' and
 materialistic thinking.
 The meditating community has its work cut out for it with the
 reaction to the stark climate research. The argument is rational.


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 "Doom sayers"? Not entirely, some are quite rational and spiritual. We see the 
same kind of anti-science character discredit with the climate peer review 
science that establishment ideologies try to pull on meditation peer review 
science research.

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 Yes, Prof. Guy McPherson's peer review based earth science just may not be 
rationally fluent with the spiritual side of the  science like the broader 
meditation peer review research offers. 

 He has responded positively to an invitation to come to a climate change a 
conference symposium at Maharishi University of Management to consider related 
matters. He seems an extremely compassionate rational guy who ought to be part 
of a conversation about public policy. 

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