Len Labagh passed away Sunday morning, Jan 14. 

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 Gary Gill 

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 Judy Walls   
 Bryan Peterson passed  

 Stanley Kresky      
 Randy Coplin,  1949-2018 

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 Gary Rich, passed away early this morning, Sept 11, 2018  

David Seager 
 Merle C. Dockendorff 
 Robert Iverson 
 David Gannon has dropped the body. Rosie Estrin passed away this morning July 
1, 2018
 Transcendental Meditationist Fairfield, Iowa and a TM Movement Memoriam..

 Stewart Oestreich 

 Robert Oats  Jerry Jarvis 
 Peter Just 

 Enloe Willingham 


 ​Y​ou probably heard that Enloe

 ​ Willingham​

 passed last week. The following is a story that he told to four of us who were 
present in his hospital room about a month ago.
 Enloe was one of the 108s in the early 70s. One day Maharishi asked a group of 
108s: Who would be willing go to foreign countries using their own resources 
(not the Movement resources). Maharishi also said: you just have to go there, I 
will do the rest.
 Enloe went to Indonesia, a country he knew very little about at the time. On 
his way he was told by several people: be very careful, they don’t like 
foreigners in Indonesia, especially Indians.
 So Enloe decided that he would spend the first weeks in Indonesia just getting 
a feel of the country, not mentioning why he was there.
 One day he was in a shop. The shopkeeper’s three small children were there and 
Enloe asked the shopkeeper if he could take a picture of the children. She 
agreed, but said: come back on Sunday, they will be nicely dressed.
 When Enloe returned on Sunday, the shopkeeper asked: What are you doing in 
 Enloe replied: Have you ever heard of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi?
  She replied: Yes, he initiated my whole family when my father was ambassador 
to Sweden.
 She introduced Enloe to her father, who then introduced him to the top people 
in the government, many of whom Enloe initiated.
 So Maharishi’s words came true: Enloe just had to go to Indonesia and 
Maharishi did the rest.
 Now Enloe has gone to another new location and we expect Maharishi has taken 
care of the rest there.
 Jai Guru Dev


 Norman Zierold passed away at pre-dawn 7 March 2018. 

 There will be a gathering for cremation at Behner Funeral Home in Fairfield, 
2pm Friday 

 Sharon Starr Cynthia Cole

 Whoever has come, will certainly go; nobody stays here. 
 Always keep your bags packed. We never know when the call will come. The call 
of death is like an arrest warrant: there is no hope of further "appeal."72 
Then and there, one must drop everything and leave. Wherever, however, one must 
go. This need not be difficult if you are prepared from the beginning.  
 He who is always ready to go cannot commit sins. Sins are possible only when 
one forgets about the life hereafter. If one can always remember that he has to 
leave one day, then a man will never adopt lying and bad conduct.  
 Realizing that your fathers, grandfathers, and great-grandfathers have not 
stayed, it is easy to understand that, "I, too, cannot stay here permanently." 
Since it is certain that you will leave, then those people who prepare for the 
journey at the outset can rest comfortably; and if you are not ready, then you 
will surely have difficulty. Take care: "don't do something that will make you 
repent when you go." 
 Discourse 23, The Sweet Teachings of the Blessed Sankaracarya
 Swami Brahmananda Saraswati (..Maharishi's teacher)


 There are additional names gathered further back in this thread. Yahoo now 
truncates for length. There are more names and also the Purusha passing list is 
further back in this thread.   


 I have placed a larger file of this memoriam list over on to a Google-group.
 Yahoo-groups truncates now in a way that makes researching back in to yahoo 
subject threads difficult to work. 
 A longer version of this list that scrolls more easily 
 can be found and opened at:

 Patrick Gearon, The Quantum (car) Mechanic

 Charles (Charly) Vaughn 
 Savannah Alyn Harrell  John L. Petit 

 Robert David passed away yesterday. 
 Wonderful character in the community,
 lovely person,
 a very spiritual guy. 

 Timothy Kasten,  from online obit, "We were all MIU students in 1974, close as 
thieves sharing the grand TM adventure".

 Steve Petersen  1952-2017
 recently on the Settle Grant with IAAssembly 2012-2015

 Katherine Hanna
 Victor Pardo


 Dave Randall 
 Tim Hunter

 Ellen Lashmutt
 Finn Bousquet..
 Gurdy Leete
 Nathan Zenack
 Christina Revolinski
 Nancy Glassco Ellie Ditzel
 Vaidya Mishra
 Paul Handelman
 Carl Wonneman
 Tim Hildebrandt
 John Ong
 Rod Magoon
 David George
 Gary Malmgren
 Amalia Bright
 William James Duke
 Florence Davis
 George Gallagher
 Andrew Sheehan
 Sally Peden
 Tom Torpy
 John Herbert Prechtel
 Nancy Van Blaricum
 Harvey Lubar
 Louisa Magee
 Marc Travis
 Gillian Pierce
 Frank Ramsey
 Gert MacQueen
 Evelyn Normandin
 Petra Stanley
 Cindy Korn
 Jan Overholt
 James R. French
 Jan Wixon

 Robert Vaughn Abrams • April 13, 1949 • Seattle, WA • August 12, 1997 • North 
 Roy Adams • February 16, 1949 • August, 1980 • California
 Jefferson Aikens • December, 2015 • Fairfield, Iowa
 Antoinette F. Alazraki • November 20, 1947 • July 25, 2013
 Farrokh K. Anklesaria • May 29, 1946 • Mumbai, India • June 27, 2012 • St. 
Louis, MO
 Gwenn Anderson • September 20, 1944 • February 9, 2016 • Ogden, UT
 Jean Archer • August 13, 1924 • May 30, 1989 • Ottumwa, IA
 Margaret Rose Ardussi • June 1, 1941 • Toledo, OH • December 7, 2004 • 
Belcamp, MD • Estes Park TTC
 Margaret Ashelman • December 18, 1916 • November 28, 2015 • Fairfield, Iowa
 Chris Blanchard Ayres • June 26, 1949 • August 21, 2010 • Truckee, CA
 Geoffrey Baker • June 1, 1926 • April 12, 2011 • Iowa City, Iowa
 Bruce Murray Beal • October 29, 1954 • February 9, 2010 • Massachusetts
 Robert L. Bollinger • May 22, 1950 • June 22, 2014 • Fairfield, Iowa
 Rob Buck • October 3, 1950 • October 8, 2009 • Rochester, MN
 Laura Ann Calvert • August 24, 1949 • December 12, 2005 • Purcell, OK
 Edmond A. Chouinard • July 19, 1936 • North Adams, MA • December 2, 2004 • 
Providence, RI
 Henry Ogden Clark • December 29, 1944 • December 22, 2004 • Iowa City, IA
 Joe Clark • June, 1972 • North Carolina
 Lyman Hathaway Clark • December 29, 1944 • December 15, 1998 • Traverse City, 
 Joan Clemenzi • August 7, 1957 • April 22, 1999 • Newburyport, MA 
 Seth A. Cohen • December 27, 1954 • July 19, 2008 • Philadelphia, PA
 Morris Cohn • October 24, 1940 • Denver, CO • August 31, 2010 • Boulder, CO • 
Rishikesh TTC
 Marie Annette Connors • November 6, 1935 • October 3, 2011 • Seattle, WA
 Nancy Eleanor Cook • September 4, 1947 • December 28, 2010 • Clearlake Oaks, CA
 Ellen Corby • June 3, 1911 • April 14, 1999 • Los Angeles, CA
 William E. Crist • October 14, 1946 • February 11, 2007 • California
 Michael Culver • June 21, 1956 • August 15, 2014 • Joplin, MO

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