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 Take a look at this, it’ll look very familiar:  https://masterangels.org/ 

 As will the prices.  You can buy a General Admission Ticket (lol) to one of 
his intro courses for the low, low price of $250 for the day.  Or, if you want 
to meet with the Master himself, a “Golden Pass” is the way to go, (Is it just 
me or does that sound a little obscene) for a mere $3250 you can get 4 
sessions, 2 in person and 2 “remote silent-faith” healings.  A steal I’m sure. 

 Can’t meet in person?  No problem!  Master John has you covered, you can buy a 
Spring 2019 Regular Dial-In Pass—yes, this is really what they call it—for a 
tiny little donation of $2000.

 And on and on, jhfc what a racket. 


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 Hey Sal, At last we can agree on something! How many years has that taken? We 
should celebrate or something. 

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 I have several friends, people I thought would surely know better.  It seems 
with MMY gone the “head guru” field is wide open.  

 And I see once again people are granting themselves phony degrees and calling 
each other “dr.”


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 I have seen someone get sucked into this "Master John" cult, and it is not 
pretty. Supreme Grand Master? Oh, come on . . . 

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 Supreme Grand Master John Douglas and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: The Christ 
Mission and Earth Ascension
 By Dr. Susan Andersen, under guidance from the Divine Masters with a Foreword 
by Dr. Christopher W. Hartnett and Dr. Linda Saint-Denis Hartnett

 Possibly more than a tax shelter church, true-believers shift to 
true-believers of another.  Anybody read this book?

 From the book’s Preface:

 “By spreading his meditation to millions, he raised the collective 
consciousness of earth. Only now is it becoming clear why Maharishi had this 
task to prepare world consciousness for a leap in human evolution. He came to 
prepare for the rise of a different civilization on earth. His was only the 
first step in this world transformation. Another Master came after him with 
more knowledge and healing that would lead to an ascension of earth to another 
plane of existence, for this is the way a new human civilization can arise. 
That Master is Supreme Grand Master John Douglas.” 

 From the Foreword:

 “Maharishi Mahesh Yogi has given the world powerful techniques to transform 
the individual to “know thyself”, to be orderly enough to begin to create and 
exist in Heaven on Earth.  Prior to his passing in February of 2008 , He 
declared to His followers and disciples “My work is done.” This left many in 
the temporary state of bewilderment and confusion. How could tHis work be done 
and so many remain unenlightened, physically impaired and not Self of 
Soul-Realized?  The Vedic Knowledge He disseminated was complete and holistic 
for the time. He blessed the world with the big picture, the goal, and a vision 
of whom, what and where we should be, but knowledge continues, and the demands 
and challenges of the new world also continue, requiring new knowledge.

 ..Master John is here at this time to lead the “disruptive spiritual 
revolution”, introduce the Angelic Reformation, discover the Truth in all 
Matter, the Universal Truth beyond the humanly constructed world in which we 

 ..Our direct experience is that Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the great saints of 
our time have passed the baton to Master John. Maharishi created Heaven on 
Earth, and the legions of Angels and Master Angels have come down and are now 
amongst us.” 

 From the last page.. 
 “..Maharishi prepared the way and told us the stories of Vedic Civilization. 
Now it possible to actually manifest on earth. Supreme Grand Master John 
Douglas is the reason it can be there. He comes with the Master Angels, and he 
is one of them, known by his title and his cosmic role as God’s First Angel, 
the Angel of Creation.” 


 The Church of John Douglas 

 Quoting Atmore: “The idea of “schismogenesis” was first identified by Gregory 
Bateson to describe the ways in which relationship between individual or groups 
deteriorate. Schismogenesis occurs in several different ways: factional 
schismogenesis , in which a group splinters into two or more distinct group; 
apostatizing schismogenesis, in which an individual separates from the group; 
symmetrical schismogenesis, in which individuals from the group compete 
directly with each other, the severity of competition increasing equally on 
each side; and complementary schismogenesis, in which a rift forms between 
unequal partners playing the roles of dominant and submissive. 

 Bateson treats the events involved in schismogenesis as openly recognized by 
both parties. However, in my study of Fairfield, it became apparent that 
schisms are not always overt and recognized by those involved in them. In some 
cases, schism occur without the knowledge of one or more parties, which I will 
refer to as a covert schism or overt schismogenesis. This can often lead to 
overt schismogenesis (Batesons’ openly recognized schism) once the schism has 
progressed to a certain point. However, this does not mean schismogenesis is 
not occurring until it has become overt; there are still social rifts forming 
during the covert phase. This necessitates a slight redefinition of 
schismogenesis, in which the term encompasses all situations in which rifts 
form between people, whether overt, covert, or in a processual relationship 
from covert to overt.”
  -excerpted from: Communal Societies, Journal of the Communal Studies 
Association, Lane Atmore, Death of a Guru: An Analysis of the Postcharismatic 
Phase in the Transcendental Meditation Movement.
 Exampling Schismosis in Fairfield TM:

 Factional schismogenesis, in which a group splinters
 What TM movement community meditators can recognize as a creed, a difference 
with those who are seen as ‘devotee’ True-Believers’ with an orthodox faith and 
belief and then ‘practitioner meditators’ who are here in a state of experience 
otherwise from their practice,. 

 A burning question of ‘sufficiency’ made of those ‘Off the Program’ (OTP) 
meditators who had sought company of healers/ spiritual people otherwise of 
their own wellbeing and then those true-believers who have not. 

 (ie., driving factional schismogenesis administratively of cultural 
organizational  jealousies over monies spent on ‘non-Maharishi’ jyotish, yagya 
and more in an active decades long administrative separation of meditator 
membership from the  communal group meditations. The affiliated and the 
unaffiliated TM Fairfield meditator.) 

 Apostatizing schismogenesis, in which an individual separates
 Deepak Chopra, Ravi Shankar, and others for example (See BATGAP interviews of 
old TM’ers with their own separate spiritual .orgs). 

 Symmetrical schismogenesis,   in which individuals from the group compete 
directly with each other,
 For instance: Jerry Jarvis with SIMS/IMS and Charlie Lutes with SRM. Also an 
older pre-Siddhis era of a teaching movement and then an administrative 
Morris-Patterson era guardian over ‘Maharishi’s knowledge’. 
 Complementary schismogenesis,  a rift forms between unequal partners playing 
the roles of dominant and submissive. 
 Socio-economic power differentials throughout: Money access. 
 Council of Rajas Patriarchy v Mother Divine. The Dome badge membership.  
 Re-certification. India and the West. Also, TM of before the Vedic Science 
course in India 1993, and then after. 

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 Cognitive dissonance, a TM v Yogic Flying Schismogenesis? 
 /Schismosis?  Asking around here about the ‘schism’ at the time that ‘yogic 
flying’ came out and people here are noting that a number of even their own TM 
initiators who taught TM in the mid and later 1960’s and the very early 1970’s 
did not make the hop over with the introduction of the sidhis and yogic flying 
in mid and late 1970’s to TM. 

 The published 1975 metrics of the TM movement from then catch a picture of a 
time right before the introduction of yogic flying. Some of the teachers who 
were then the experienced workhorses in a honed TM teaching movement stepped 
back, separating and went on to other things in their lives. 

 See the TM communal metrics from 1975, just before the advent of the 
TM-Siddhis and Yogic Flying:

 Whether it was with the coming of the sidhis and yogic flying or the ,org 
turning out of people at that time that happened organizationally right then 
also; it seemed then a time of effect by something like both ‘The Great Leap 
Forward’ and ‘Cultural Revolution’ in combination of short order. 
 I remember the older leader people of TM leaving retired aside and a number of 
the boomer generation TM teachers turned out went back to graduate school. My 
own TM initiator who was on an early India teacher course with Maharishi went 
on to a longer career outside of TM as a university professor.

 Jai Guru Dev, 


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 Q:The tru-beliver would look at it that there is a schism where people would 
go off to see other gurus or spiritual people and groups?   
 A: "That is their problem and it does not have to have anything to do with 
what people are doing out here in the community. But it is in the complexion of 
the community that is here. That there was a falling apart in an aspect of the 
community. Falling away from the group experience and the reference point of 
that experience by administration."


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 Meditator Quakers.. 

 A history of Ff’s silent Quaker meetings
 #385494 Friends Journal article, The TM Diaspora... 


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 “People, meditators are for getting done what needs are for themselves as what 
they are getting done communally.” 
 “Within the various meditator infused churches, temples, and spiritual groups, 
Fairfield, Iowa this has not just only to do with groups meditating, the 
transcendent is an important part of it, Maharishi got it off to a realy good 
start, Jai Guru Dev. It is fantastic. We have a transcendent practice, Jai Guru 
Dev. But the need to go beyond that in terms of how we are going to live it, 
that is what is happening in Fairfield. Group practice wherever you find it.  
The Trillium people, the Art of Living people, the Oneness people, the 
meditators in the Liberal Catholic churches, the meditators in the Jewish, the 
Germain, and the Hindu Temples, the silent Quakers, go for it.”

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 People, practicing meditators were disaffiliated from the group? 
 A: Just on the intellectual level of belief by personality of administration. 
The naturally limiting value of beliefs is that not everyone is going to 
believe the same thing. Just like a forest of trees are not going to be all 
 And yet disaffiliation has happened. Separating people over belief structures, 
over ‘devotion to the guru’, pressing an alignment to the guru. That is really 
what is under the TM Dome guidelines for membership and how they have been 
enforced for decades.  A contriving of feeling that people made promises and 
that people are in violation and should be punished and separated.

 For example, 


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 “Is it necessary for something to be strong for everyone to act and behave in 
a similar way on a behavioral level?  This is one of the amazing things about 
Fairfield, Ia. is that it proves ‘no you don’t have to be’. That you can have 
wildly different people who believe, have wildly different politics, different 
religions, all of it, and ask them and it is TM where they all started and are 
informed by. It is incredible.”

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 Using “schismogenesis” as an anthropologist's social science vehicle for 
driving through the Fairfield, Iowa story becomes a whole different level of 
exploration into the story of community.  

 At a Communal Studies Association Annual Conference I presented a paper as an 
overview road-map interpretation for outsiders who would look in on meditating 
Fairfield, Ia.  An irony is that locals are not themselves necessarily able to 
fathom the meditating community..

 The Text of that paper is posted as: 
 Describing Communal (Meditating) Fairfield, Iowa


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 "..Is not this diversity in community with the transcendent experience a good 
thing? That you could have such diversity exploring and such unified 
perspective. Avenues of teachings, pathways or faithways that relate. Informed 
by experience, is that diversity a schism or a healthy diversification?"    


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 ‘Schismogenesis’? What a hoot. Someone got their doctorate coming up with that 

 Q:  In a communalism that is here in Fairfield, Ia. it is interesting to see 
that there has been overt and covert schismatic processes going on that is 
reflected in subsets of community that are here.   Academic, global country, 
the meditating community in town.

 A:  Those are ideas, alignment of belief structure.  This does not touch the 
commonality of the experience in this which is consciousness itself.   It, the 
experience of state in transcendentalism, is like an ultimate unifier even when 
groups get together in Fairfield.  
 If you go around a room of the meditating community and really ask people and 
you will get people who are really TM’ers to people who are Mahur Baba people, 
whatever  they are exploring or have gone in to; or waking down, Artee, mystic 
Christianity, all of it is informed by the experience of this. In going around, 
in spite of that, we all can understand this because we all know what we are 
talking about because it is in the experiential. This is how deep does that TM 
community go. Does it have to be ‘schism’ or is it the expression of diversity 
in the community of the experience.

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 "..Some types of schismogenic behavior are expressed, yes. But what we have 
here in community is there is ‘no schism is possible in consciousness’.   

 She, the author of the paper is not going to see that because she does not 
meditate or is coming in from outside, she is not going to understand what that 
means and the implication of it and that is what really is the profound quality 
of Fairfield that sets it apart from any other community because you do have so 
many people that do have experience regardless of their faith or their belief 
structure, they are informed by an experience somewhat, wherever they are in 
it. That is why it is different. It just is. 

 Not just around which of some Mormons or whoever woo-haw fracturing of some 
group over some alignment, congregations of Christians, literalists or whatever 
they are it is all built on faith, it is just an idea. Of course they are going 
to have schism   How they believe in hell, whether over foot washing or full 
immersion or other sillinesses of course there is going to be schisms with 


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 In Fairfield conversation.. 

 Q: Schismogenesis in the Fairfield meditating community?
 A: On the superficial level there is some but experientially not so much. 
There are going to be the whack-jobs like (..) that are fractured, the mentally 
fractured. There is mental fracturing as that is described, but yet again here 
he ( elderly demented) is again. He came to Fairfield. Angry upset, rejected, 
and he came back, why?  Because experientially there is continuum here, there 
is understanding here built on that. Experience. There is experience.  

 In community of idea or faith that is one thing in fracture or schism.  This 
is a different idea here than a community of ‘faith’. To a community of faith 
that is one thing to have fracture in faith or schismogenesis or whatever.

 Thanks,dbraff8.   You give a good example that is noteworthy in an aspect of 
what is communal meditating Fairfield, Iowa having withdrawn or disaffiliated 
itself from TM.org http://TM.org-Fairfield strictly, either covertly or 

 A Lot of people have come and are now gone away and yet there remains in 
community a diversity within a core set of values and practices in 
Transcendentalism that stays on in Fairfield, Iowa. The next five years in 
demography will be more telling about the remains. 

 There is some, none and all of these gradation of schismogenesis apparent in 
meditating Fairfield, Ia. depending on where you look at it. 
 Looking in to the sub-communities, the University, The Global Country folks, 
the ™.org folks, MSAE, the Dome attenders, the meditating community young and 
old out in town and describing them each relative to each other is a feature of 
Fairfield, Iowa. Parsing gradations of schismogenesis within and between them 
becomes narrative in a larger story. 


 dbraff8 writes:

 Fascinating.  I Googled the author and title to read the entire piece.  I 
taught and practiced TM for over 35 years.  It was invaluable earlier in my 
life.  I look on my spiritual journey as starting with being a devout Catholic, 
experiencing spiritual malaise, finding TM, dissatisfaction, flirtation with 
New Age "vacuity", and finally transitioning to a more fulfilling Vedic 
teaching and practice.  All the steps were valuable.  It's sort of like taking 
a train to a certain point, then switching trains, then another.  Each has its 
purpose and value.   


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