November 2019

 Patricia and Robert Oates
 Steven Hathaway
 Mark Welch
 Emerson Knoll

 Valerie Janlois 

 Mark Shier passed yesterday, Oct 9.2019   
 Tom Winquist
 Dave Tanner
 Judith Foulds
 Linda Parmet
 Scott Pidd
 Abraham Silverstein
 Jonathan Mayhew
 Gareth John Oliver
 Ron Khare
 Dale Wagoner

 Buffy Mooney, has passed. I'd guess he taught thousands of people. Happy 
Trails Buffy.

 Norman Watsey  
 Gareth Oliver

 Hannah Kesler


 Rona Abramson
 George Hrebar  

 Lucien Mansour  Sept 2018

---In, <> wrote :

 Thank you for posting the obituaries, Doug. 

 There was a time, during my teaching days, when I touted, "Perfect Health in 
the Direction of Immortality"

 I look back on this with a certain amount of amusement at my naivete, and 
unbridled optimism.  What I do not carry with me is anger and resentment that I 
bought into a path, that didn't quite live up to its lofty expectations.

 On the other hand, stepping onto a spiritual path, which encourages you to go 
beyond the superficial aspect of things, what price do you put on that?  


 Stephen Richter  

 Jim Bates
 Susan Small
 Lillian Busch Dar ( 1921-2018)
 Kayren Berna - died March, 1996
 Sarah Oliver - died August, 1997


 János Szász Sr. • June 4 1936 • October 19 2017 (diwali day) • Budapest •
Decorated Hungarian freedom fighter • 
TM teacher 1977 San Francisco • MIU community + Purusha 1980-1990 • 
Was only one to demonstrate yogic flying behind the iron curtain Aug 15 1986  •
Initiated many in Hungary • National leader for some time • His work continues •

 Recently deceased.. 
 Chip Gallagher 
 Dolly Honkenon
 Savannah Wechsler 

 Len Labagh passed away Sunday morning, Jan 14. 

 Gary Gill 
 Judy Walls   
 Bryan Peterson passed  

 Stanley Kresky      
 Randy Coplin,  1949-2018 

 Gary Rich, passed away early this morning, Sept 11, 2018  

David Seager 
 Merle C. Dockendorff 
 Robert Iverson 
 David Gannon has dropped the body. Rosie Estrin passed away this morning July 
1, 2018
 Transcendental Meditationist Fairfield, Iowa and a TM Movement Memoriam..

 Stewart Oestreich 

 Robert Oats  Jerry Jarvis 
 Peter Just 




 There are additional names gathered further back in this thread. 
 Yahoo now truncates posts for length. There are many more names and also the 
Purusha passing list is further back in this thread.   


 I have placed the larger file of this memoriam list over on to a Google-group.

 Yahoo-groups truncates now in a way that makes researching back into Yahoo 
subject threads difficult to work. The Google-group is an older more 
comprehensive adjunct to this more current listing here on FFL Yahoo-group. 

 A longer earlier version of this list that scrolls more easily 
 can be found and opened at:!topic/communal-studies-forum/8LCTgvO26LM!topic/communal-studies-forum/8LCTgvO26LM



 Enloe Willingham 


 ​Y​ou probably heard that Enloe

 ​ Willingham​

 passed last week. 
 Jai Guru Dev


 Norman Zierold passed away at pre-dawn 7 March 2018. 

 There will be a gathering for cremation at Behner Funeral Home in Fairfield, 
2pm Friday 

 Sharon Starr Cynthia Cole


 Patrick Gearon, The Quantum (car) Mechanic

 Charles (Charly) Vaughn 
 Savannah Alyn Harrell  John L. Petit 

 Robert David passed away yesterday. 
 Wonderful character in the community,
 lovely person,
 a very spiritual guy. 


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