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FWIW, it turns out the $122 million figure is for the
renovation by the new owners.  The sale price of the
building was much less, something like $12 million,
slightly above the building's official current

This is according to a correction just posted by Ron on
TMNews; he'll probably get around to posting it here as

Yes Judy , I saw that before I posted. My question is how much did the original investment cost the movement and how much did they have to put into keeping the property all those years and how much did they sell it for? Did they actually make a profit? Was it worth it? No doubt when the TMO lets it be known they have sold property, they want all TB's to believe Laxmi has blessed the TMO with a great windfall. All I can say is that the property in Houston, a high rise Days Inn, they bought in the 80's recently sold. I also know it was costing them a lot of money to hold on to an eyesore that was a burden for TMO people to have to be responsible for.

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