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> > On Jan 6, 2006, at 9:47 AM, off_world_beings wrote:
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> > > Wikepedia is the biggest crock of shit. Half of it written by
> > > halfwits who have little expertise in the field they are 
> > > about. Quoting from it will take you 6 months to a year to 
> > > your credibility. Just a friendly peice of advice.:-)
> > 
> > A recent study was published which showed that the Wikipedia 
> > about as accurate as the Encyclopedia Britannica.
> >
> http://tinyurl.com/88kt2
> London - Online 'open source' encyclopaedia Wikipedia, is 
> in content and quality to the respected Encyclopaedia Britannica,
> reports the British journal Nature.
> The journal compared 42 articles from the two reference works, 
> the origin of each individual article from their testers. Unlike 
> Encyclopaedia Britannica, Wikipedia has no official editors. Anyone
> can create new articles and modify existing ones.
> The experts detected four errors per Wikipedia article on average; 
> the Encyclopaedia Britannica, it was three. Some 162 errors in all
> were discovered in the articles from the Internet project, 123 by 
> Encyclopaedia Britannica.>>

Not when it comes to TM. 
TM-exers do what they can to slant the terminology in their favor. 
Eg: Broadcast one study on various meditations as if it is all about 
TM, and as if it defeats hundreds of other published studies. I went 
in and re-worded that sentance a little so it is more accurate to 
the reader, but I am sure the TM-exers will change it back to suit 
their agenda, as if the study was all about TM, and is the greatest 
proof in the world. I will not bother to respond to it. It was just 
a fun interesting thing to do once, but for them it is a soul-
destroying obsession. I pity them.


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