--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, Peter <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If someone is having "enlightenment" experiences or is
> stabilized  as Self and talks about an ego, I don't
> doubt their experiences, I just wonder what it is they
> are referring to when they say "ego." When I say in
> enlightenmernt that there is no ego what I mean is
> that there is no subjective self. There is no "me".
> The pronoun "me" or "I" doesn't refer to anything. The
> mind looks for something and there is nothing there,
> literally. In waking state the mind turns inward and
> experiences a thought/feeling sense of an individual;
> a private "me." This is what disappears in CC. There
> is just consciousness and then everything else
> (objective and subjective). You could say, "I am pure
> consciousness", but the problem with this is that
> there is no "I" to be  or not to be anything. There is
> just consciousness and objects that are not
> consciousness. Thoughts and feelings are there, but
> there is no "I" having these or taking ownership of
> these subjective experiences.  
All that is good and fine. I am just pointing out, as I have
periodically over the past several years, is that some other
self-proclaimed enlightened, such as M, Goodman, have argued at length
that a "self" and "ego" and sense of individuality do exist in

My point is that you each appear to be i) defining elightenment
differently and ii) are 'experiencing' different things, and thus to
both use the same term "enlightenment" to describe your "states",
makes the term meaningless, and contributes to very muddled language,
discussion and "understandings".

Further, I continue to point out that if you have no sense of "ego"
and yet still feel "insulted" at times, then there probably a
cognitive error going on.  Feeling insulted is a diminishment of the
sense of ego. If you feel such, ergo, within the Peter-sphere, there
must be an ego. But that you may be blind to it, like an eye trying to
see itself. 

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