--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, TurquoiseB <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Oh, I thought Tom said we are all one. Are you contradicting 
> > him? Or just not walking your talk?
> What makes you think that one person's experiences,
> even the experiences of enlightenment, have anything 
> to do with anyone else's?  I make no such assumption.
> Tom has had his own experiences, and has his own way
> of describing them and interpreting them.  I find that
> many of them don't map to my own experiences.  Yet at
> the same time what he says is perfectly valid, and
> reflects a perfectly valid set of experiences with
> and interpretations of enlightenment.

OK. Good. Just asking.
> But you will, sooner or later.  Until then, I reserve
> the right to laugh at your posturing.  

They take reservations? :)

Laugh away at whatever is, and also all the filters and overlays in
your head. You should be quite amused for some time.

> How you feel 
> about that is probably related to how you feel about 
> Judy and her relationship to God.  *She* obviously 
> feels that when she says that laughing at someone is
> an 'attack,' that's essentially the same as if God
> had said it.  If you agree with her, 

Gee, you really don't read posts carefully at all do you. 

Read my lips: i) I do not take laughter as an attack. i) I don't hold
you as having any power or substance to attack, iii) for real
"attackers" -- ofsubstance, I don't buy into  being a victim -- which
is the only way one can be "bloodied" by a so-called attack.

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