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> Any U.S.  citizen who is low/no income qualifies for SSI at age 
> regardless of  work history/pay-ins to Social Security. Anybody 
> is a permanent legal  resident (not a U.S. citizen) qualifies for 
> with only 40 quarters of  Social Security pay-in work history:
> No wonder the system is going  broke.

The system cannot and will not go broke.


Because the government holds the right to tax...AND raise the amount 
of SS contributions anytime they damn well please.  So they can fund 
the program fully any time it appears to be faltering.

It may interest you to know that at the time that FDR pushed SS into 
law back in 1935 there was a big hue and cry from many quarters.  At 
the time, the contribution into SS was about 1.5%.  Roosevelt 
promised it would NEVER, EVER go up.

Well, today, the combined employee/employer SS contribution is 12.4%!

Of course it won't go broke!  Those bastards in Washington will just 
keep raising the contribution amount!

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