On Jan 23, 2006, at 11:19 AM, authfriend wrote:

Again, we'd have to know exactly what MMY said, but

it isn't inconceivable he meant the molecules were

built from particles that were already available.

Finally, at what point did MMY use this notion as

a "sales ploy" for TM?

Quantum physics is constantly used as a marketing ploy for the 


No, you used "Substance M" as an example.  I'm asking

when MMY used that notion as a "sales ploy" for TM.

Substance M was not used as an example of a marketing ploy.

See, this is why it's hard to take seriously anything
you say about what somebody else has said or what they
meant.  Not only have I not claimed to "believe much of
this," I said explicitly only that I found certain
premises *plausible*.  About others I've said explicitly
only that I *don't rule them out*.

Typical Judy response, play dumb. This is not what I was referring to--I was referring to your admission that you accepted that TM was a form of 'technology of the Unified Field'. If that is your belief, why should I want to try to change that? I accept that this is your belief. 

With response such as these, why should I waste my time? 

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