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> > 
> > What I'm *very* clear on is that spring doesn't end up
> > coming in September 13,000 years hence.  

And of course you know you are misrepresnting what I said, putting
your spin on it. 

I have said that the "vernal equinox" -- defined as the day on which
the sun rises due east, will occur in the time of year we currently
refer to as september 13000 years from now. The sun will be in the
tropical constellation of virgo.

> And you know this to be true? And how do know this to be true? 
> You have posted a lot but never explained. Its like a priori.
> >What I'm not
> > clear on is how to explain your muddle  
> My muddle? What part dont you get? 
> Are you sure its "my muddle" and not your muddled understanding of
> what "precession of the equinox", "sideral" and "tropical" really
> mean. You just said you don't know if "the above" is tropical or not.
> Yet if you had a clear understanding of what tropical is, you would
> not be muddled.
> >to you so that
> > you can correct your model.
> My visual model? You can't even figure that out? My, my. This explains
> a lot.

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