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My thesis assumes the modern current calendar. Not that I expect  

that will be used in 13000 years. But using the current system, sun in

tropical virgo will still be in september.  And the sun at VE in 15006

will be in tropical virgo.

Yes but when you use the current system you are ignoring the fact that it is and will be adjusted based on the equinoctial point which are used to determine the seasons. The current calendar, despite it's problems is followed for adjustment.

We can slowly shift calendar March to September over the next 13000

years -- but there is no current mechanism to do that.

Then you might want to read a little on calendars, reform, etc. Most certainly it will be changed since these well known points correspond to our seasons and our months.


you could create such a fix in the future does not change my basic points.

No, just it does not make sense to refer to something as occurring in some imaginary September which will never exist.

I think the author of the article GF posted is making this assumption

about future tweaks to the calendar so in 15006 sun at VE in Virgo

will be in "March". He has an obscure sentence about adjustments.

Yes, this whole idea is well known and accepted by astronomers and others. I'll have to look, but I believe the Surya Siddhanta provides for such calendrical reform.

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