The LM property TM own's is in L/M NY & the lake is on the property. The lake is situated on the Eastern end of the property & the new SV buildings are to be constructed on the eastern side of the lake @ present the buildings are all on the western side. Presently there are some 30- 40 people there & of that some 25-35 Purusha coming & going depending on family situations & projects they may be working upon. In terms of # S most of the old buildings are now gone many burned in cooperation with local volunteer fire Dept's for there education after all scrap that may be useful for $. some remaining buildings are the main lobby dinning hall ,kitchen, executive new & old celebrity, E. wing & imperial, all connected to one another, Veda vision remains for directors housing & some staff. Some of the small motor pool buildings remain & a few sheds near the dining hall- kitchen was uses in the distant past as garage,& the milk barn. All the others have been torn down & removed etc.

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