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> There's a school of thought that individuals pick up 
> thoughts the way radios pick up signals. Maybe we 
> find ourselves surprised at thoughts and actions 
> because they're not really "ours."
> I got to thinking about this upon reading the following 
> at the Wikipedia page for Rudolf Steiner:
> "In his epistemological works, he advocated the 
> Goethean view that thinking itself is a perceptive 
> instrument for ideas, just as the eye is a perceptive 
> instrument for light."
> What do people think of this? Does it jibe with your experience?

I sometimes find that I seem to know things I have no
"normal" basis for knowing.  It's odd because I don't
have any sense that I came to know them in anything but
the normal way.  The information doesn't have a kind of
aura that says "INTUITION" or "TELEPATHY" or anything
like that; I seem to know it in the same way I'd know
it if, say, I had read it in a book or someone had
told me or I had discovered it from my own empirical

Because it seems so normal and natural, it took me quite
a while to realize there's anything at all odd about
it.  It's only when I stop and ask myself, How do I know
this? that I realize there's a discrepancy, that it seems
to have bypassed the usual routes by which I acquire

> If so, it speaks to the influence of collective consciousness
> on the individual.

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