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> > > The  booing of Trent Lott was  far from 
> > > exaggerated, I saw it and  heard it and it wasn't just a few. It
> > > was  loud and  rude.
> > 
> > The sound was turned up on the clips to exaggerate it.
> > Those  who were actually *there* at the rally are very
> > clear that it was just a  few people.
> > 
> > 
> > 
> > Nice try again Judy. I saw it live and it was shown on  different 
> stations 
> > and they were all equally loud. If one turned up and  distorted 
> the volume to 
> > sound like more, then they all did it, which is a little  too 
> for me to 
> > believe. I guess all the sound techs for all the major  stations 
> could have been 
> > republicans, part of the right wing conspiracy, who all  
> to turn up 
> > and distort the booing to make it sound really  bad.
> >
> Probably due to the acoustics of the Church/Temple/meeting hall 
> where the funeral was taking place.
> Reminds me of the State of the Union Address by Clinton during the 
> Monica scandal.  That was the one where there was serious 
> discussion about not having Clinton appear (which would have been 
> hard to do seeing that the State of the Union is a constitutional 
> requirement)

The Constitution does not require him to give
a speech to Congress, just for the record. On
the other hand, there wasn't any "serious
discussion" about not having him appear either.

> due to the scandal.  But he did speak...and because of the 
> of the House or Senate (not sure which is the one in which the 
> president gives the address), even just one person cheering or 
> clapping sounds like 20 people...
> And this went a long way towards Clinton saving his presidency 
> because the impression it gave was that many, many people were 
> cheering him regardless of the actual number who were because of 
> acoustics.

Nonsense.  Clinton's ratings were way high already,
Monica or no Monica.

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