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> > In the latter 70s, a prominent Golden Boy SIMS lecturer, Walter
> > Belin (sp) and his wife, Margurite (long time int'l staffer) 
> > wrote a letter to MMY about a new guru they had met and were 
> > following, a South African businessman. MMY said, "So the 
> > choice is clear, you can follow the ageless vedic tradition, 
> > our ancient holy tradition, or you can follow the Johanesberg 
> > (sp) tradition." He laughed as did everyone for about five 
> > minutes.
> I think it's worth pointing out that the obvious, that
> Maharishi was using tradition as a "club" in this case,
> to put down someone and attempt to shame them into 
> sticking with him and his pseudo-vedic "tradition."
> Most wimps would fall for it. To Walter's credit, he 
> stuck with his intuition, and went for the other 
> teacher.
> How that turned out for him is an open question, but at
> least he had the balls to stick to his guns, in the face
> of someone trying to sway him by making him the object
> of ridicule, all in the name of tradition.
> We *are*, after all, talking about TM, a "tradition"
> that even TM movement publications admit that Maharishi
> made up.
> You find a lot of this kinda talk (the value of 
> tradition or "lineage") in spiritual trips. You've
> got Zennists who'll talk your ear off about lineage
> and how important it is, while admitting that no
> one in their all-important lineage has realized
> enlightenment for generations. Obviously, the "value
> of lineage" that they're talking about is that it
> makes a great rap to attract students and keep them
> around. After all these years of their lineage 
> producing no results, that's what they have come 
> to believe the "value of lineage" *is*.

Of course, MMY's lineage is Swami Brahmananda Saraswati who 
personally chose MMY to become the next Shankaracharya, and then 
found out it couldn't be done, but you can believe what you want.

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