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> > Whatever floats your boat.  :-)
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> > As long as we're dealing with speculation, I 
> > think you're pretty heavily invested in not 
> > being responsible for your own decisions and 
> > actions. Something in you doesn't believe that 
> > they could ever be perfect if it was "you" that
> > made the decisions. So you like to believe that 
> > the universe goes to the trouble of making them 
> > all for you.
> It isn't about one set of decisions/actions that you
> would make if you were "in charge" versus a different
> set that would be made if the universe were "in charge."
> It's the same set of decisions/actions in both cases.
> The only difference is your experience of who/what is
> "in charge" of them.

Your experience of who/what is in charge of them,
plus your *preference* as to which of those to base
your life in the relative on. *Especially* if your
experience is that *both* "in charge" and "not in
charge" are your experience, *simultaneously*. Then
it becomes all about *both* of these things being
true, from their respective states of attention,
and the only issue is which one you choose to 
focus on.

Focus and using it is a remarkable tool of self
discovery. Doonesbury makes a great comment about 
it in todays strip at:


In my opinion, it's all about preference -- which
of the many congruent and simultaneously manifesting
"realities" you choose to focus on. My preference is 
to focus on the one that seems the most productive 
at the time. Most of the time, that's the one in 
which I get to make the decisions myself and take 
the responsibility for those decisions myself. 

If you prefer a different focus, that's your 
preference. But IMO it's nothing more *than* 

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