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> > > I predict the plan to make vedic city, iowa a pilgrimage
> > > center for hindus will be even more successful than MMY's
> > > plan to make (doug henning's) vedaland more popular than
> > > disneyworld, though not as successful as his plan to make
> > > hagelin president.
> > 
> > A fairly safe prediction. :-)
> > 
> > I wonder whether one of the major factors involved in
> > the failure of these ideas is the near-total lack of
> > familiarity on the part of Maharishi and the TMO
> > higher-ups with the common people they think they are
> > appealing to.
> > 
> > I mean (a question for those of you who might know),
> > how long has it *been* since Maharishi met someone
> > face to face who does not practice TM and who does
> > not have the money to buy their way into his presence?  
> > Ten years? Fifteen years? Longer? All that time, as
> > far as I know, the *only* people he has interfaced
> > with are the Truest of the True Believers, complete
> > Yes-men and Yes-women who *share* his disdain for
> > and distance from the common people of the planet.
> > 
> > The *arrogance* of it all is not unlike George W.
> > Bush pretending to understand and care about the
> > problems of the middle class in America. Bush not
> > only knows nothing about them; chances are that
> > he hasn't even *talked* with any of them in his
> > entire life. He's *famous* for wanting to be
> > surrounded only by people of his "class."
> > 
> > These projects are meant to appeal to Maharishi's
> > *fantasies* of what people are like and what they
> > want, not what people are really like and what
> > they want. No wonder they don't work. As Jimi
> > Hendrix once sang:
> > 
> > And so castles made of sand
> > slip into the sea, eventually
> >
> When I was on the Dubrovnik Peace Project, which ran 1999/2000, we 
> were visited by a movement PR guy raising money for Doug Hennings 
> veda land.
> He gave us a presentation about floating buildings, budget&Profit 
> forecasts and some focus group/bullsh*t and told us the minimum 
> investment was $50,000. It was a perticularly depressing night 
> talk mostly of money and investments only and nothing even 
> spiritual.
> We then had a Q&A session in which people asked how the project 
> going (Very well) How Doug was and what he's been up to (working 
> and totally devoted to veda land)
> The course leaders pointed out who the richest CP's were and he 
> a few days courting them before flying home. 1st class of course.
> Imagine our surpise when Doug Henning died the very next week and 
> found out had been seriously ill for some time. I mean, what a 
> cynical exercise. I wish I could remember the PR guys name, what a 
> soul-less prick. Age of Enlightenment behaviour? I think not.
> That might have been when I first started questioning the way 
> are run, the next was Maharishi's press conference with Slobodan 
> Milosovic (the butcher of Belgrade) about what a wronged man he 
> But thats another story!
> I wonder if anyone ever got a refund.

No way. We did collect a lot of money in Norway many years ago to 
one of the numerous projects in Norway - which never came through. I 
asked the National Leader to pay the money back to the donators - 
because I thought about the future, if we had to ask for money to 
another project. 
The answer was No. The result was that the donations dried out -. 
The money and the TMO is very disappointing and dishonest.

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