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Well, actually the Hebrew Scriptures are exactly,
precisely that, as far as Judaism is concerned.

Have you really never heard of the Covenant between
God and His Chosen People?

And as to rabbis being lawyers, have you never
heard the provisions of the Covenant, especially
in Leviticus, being referred to as the Law?
Yes Judy, a covenant , however I'm referring to the legalese one would hear in today's laws... the party of the first part shall be referred to as... As for the men of Sodom  being homosexual? Read it for yourself Genesis 19:3 thru 9 and Judges 19:22. Yes they were at least bi-sexual because they demanded to have sex with the "strangers" that Lot had brought to his home for safe keeping that evening. The men of Sodom tried to break into Lot's home to rape the guests and Angels blinded the men of Sodom to make their escape along with Lot's family.

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