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Rick, wasn't it you who shared the story of M. and the meeting with another meditation teacher whose students could go into an insensate samadhi?

Yes, I told that story, having heard it from somewhere. There are also stories of Maharishi and Amma doing this. The Maharishi story, as I heard it, was that he was in some mountain cabin in California where he wanted to be left alone for a while to work on a book or something. There was a big snow storm and people couldn’t get up there for a few days. When they finally did, they found him sitting in samadhi, half covered with snow, with the window open. When he came out he was none the worse for wear. Don’t know the veracity of the story.

Had you forgotten about that?

No. I’m sure such things are possible. There are stories in the Puranas too. My only point is that I’m not convinced that such an ability is an essential prerequisite for enlightenment. But that’s really just an opinion based on my current knowledge and experience. Subject to revision, as always.

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