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No. I’m sure such things are possible. There are stories in the Puranas too. My only point is that I’m not convinced that such an ability is an essential prerequisite for enlightenment. But that’s really just an opinion based on my current knowledge and experience. Subject to revision, as always. 

My feeling is this style of samadhi is just one means of investigating consciousness, not the only one. For the Patanjali yogins, it's real important--it's also used in some types of Buddhist meditation where the importance has to to with stability of the awareness which investigates consciousness. The deep silence allows for attentional stability and the vividness needed.

I used to receive a hand-typed newsletter from someone on Purusha and he also described a similar story with M. albeit that this would take place over a weeks time, every year. He used a lightproof and temperature controlled room, and his body had to be wrapped in a certain prescribed manner, then off he went to a "continuum of silence" for days. He used it to check on the status of the universe it claimed.

One of Maharishi’s secretaries told me that Maharishi’s weekly silences were working sessions. He would take food and crank out reams of notes. I don’t know if they were all that way.

I was also told that these techniques were passed on to select group of purushas.

Hadn’t heard that.

Hard to verify if any of this is true or just fabrication. At the time of course I believed every word.

Eventually I just stopped caring, found someone who knew the methods and went off and learned them on my own.

Did you master them?

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