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> > > A disciple, who had been with this guru for over 
> > > twenty years, caught him in the middle of a sex act 
> > > with young boys. He had never previously known that 
> > > his guru did this. Very shocked, he came back to
> > > see the guru telling him that he could not tolerate 
> > > such actions, and that he was leaving the ashram 
> > > immediately. The guru's response was, "You have 
> > > created the problem. Now you have to solve it!"
> > > 
> > > Ramesh expressed his agreement with this response 
> > > and said, "Everything is only an event ruled by 
> > > cosmic law and by divine will...It is the 
> > > programming of the body-mind mechanism... and 
> > > nothing can be done about it... the guru is not 
> > > concerned!"
> The problem with mistaking the *perception* that
> "I am not the doer" for the reality. In a nutshell.
> As several brain researchers have postulated, the
> *perception* of not being the doer may be purely 
> a physiological thing, related to a particular
> area of the brain becoming active. As I remember
> from the (I think) Time magazine article that
> discussed this research, they pointed out that
> this perception was *not* limited to those who
> follow a spiritual path. But those on a spiritual
> path tended to *interpret* the perception positively,
> as a sign of progress or enlightenment, when in fact
> it might be just a particular set of neurons swtich-
> ing from OFF to ON.
> Before you ask, I don't have the reference. It was
> a big article on God and brain functioning that 
> I read while waiting in a dentist's office.

Of course, the experience of samadhi during TM and in those TMers 
reporting 24/7 witnessing, may be due to a different physiological 
state than the pathological state. In fact, the only physiological 
studies I am aware of suggest this . Interestingly enough, some 
physiological studies on Buddhist meditators suggest that at least 
some Buddhist techniques ARE inducing something similar to the 
pathological state, unlike TM...

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