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> Imaginary scenario...what are the responses of the Gurus?:
> A Guru is lecturing in a hall with devotees, when some terrorist
> bandits come in and demand money from everyone; if the money is not
> forthcoming, the Guru's fingers will be cut off.
>   Some people in the group fail to fork over their money and the
> terrorists cut off 2 of the Guru's fingers.  Then, the police come in
> and round up the bandits, after which the lecture continues...
> [Q = question from the audience]; [R = response of the Guru]:
> Q: [the Guru is Nisargadatta Maharaj]:  Oh Guru, how do you feel that
> your fingers were cut off?
> R: "Ask, who is the "I" of the person whose fingers were cut off".
> Q: [the Guru is MMY - pronounced "Maharshee" - otherwise you sit in
> the back if pronounced Mahareeshee]:
> "Maharshee, who do you feel that your fingers were cut off?"
> R: "A person in Unity cannot suffer. Besides, we just meditate and
> take it as it comes". 
> Q: [the Guru is Ramesh Balsekar]
> "Ramesh, how do you feel that your fingers were cut off?"
> R: "No problem, it's all part of the total functioning of the Universe".
> Q: [The Guru is Ramana Maharshi, addressed as "Bhagavan"]
> "Bhagavan, how do you feel that your fingers were cut off?"
> R: "What is fated to happen, will happen. The best thing to do is to
> remain silent".
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Actually I think Maharsihi would ask to be taken to the best
surgeon/hospital available to have his fingers reattached - and that
would be the most sensible action for all of the above.


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