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> > > Absolutely. But that form of elitism is no worse than 
> > > the one at the heart of the Indian caste system. Elitism 
> > > is elitism. IMO trying to justify it on the basis of who 
> > > is more highly evolved vs. less highly evolved is more 
> > > smarmy and less honest than justifying it on the basis 
> > > of who has da most money.
> > 
> > Unless, of course, you believe you know of a simple
> > method that can be practiced by individuals to raise
> > their level of evolution and erase the differences.
> Does "raise their level of evolution and erase the differences"
> imply that with TM a vaisha becomes a brahman as they "evolve" 
> spiritually?

If the castes are based on level of evolution, that
would seem to be the inevitable conclusion, yes.

> Rather, it would seem, in an "enlightened" society, sudras, vaishas
> andBfahmans would be "enlightened", doing their roles using their
> highest potential. But not doing the same thing.

But in that case the castes would *not* be based on
level of evolution of consciousness.

How the various roles would be assigned in a society
in which a caste system based on level of consciousness
had vanished because everyone's on the same level, I
have no idea.  It's a good question.  Maybe folks take
turns doing whatever needs to be done?

In any case, there wouldn't be any "elitism."

Caveat: I am NOT advocating any of this or saying I
believe in it or even think it makes sense.  I'm merely
speculating as to what MMY might have in mind.

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