I strongly disagree with this. I can remember many many instances,
which I heard with my own two ears, of Maharishi disgustedly and quite
condescendingly, demeaned people for wanting to get jobs and try to
earn a living. I have heard first-hand accounts from people/friends,
who went directly to Maharish and asked to be *released* from service
from their jobs in the upper echelons of the TMO, including working in
his inmost circle, and I was told that he was very very demeaning to
them and made it clear that from his perspective he felt that if *they
wanted to waste their lives* they had the right to do so.......

I had a directly personal experience with Maharishi in which he
specifically told me, when I had indicated that I was going to pursue
some new direction with my life, where he asked me to go home and ask
for permission to work for the movement, *...just a little bit
longer..." HA! is all I can say about that result. 

I can't think of one instance where, at least publicly, he gave
someone his *blessing* to go off and earn a living.

>From my perspective, now, nearly forty years later, I wish I had been
one of the intelligent ones who saw the writing on the wall and did
pursue a career and simply kept meditating. 

 --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "authfriend" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> --- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, MDixon6569@ wrote:
> [Sal wrote:]
> > > Good old fashioned honesty and actually  attempting to help 
> > > people lead  more productive lives would have  been more than 
> > > enough.  Now nobody really cares  anymore.
> > 
> > When the seed is ripened, you either devour it or scatter  it  to
> > the ground to grow more. I think M has been telling, directly or  
> > indirectly , the intelligent ones, for years to go out on your own 
> > and do  your own thing.
> I agree.  Shemp has several times posted a MMY quote
> which suggests precisely that, and I wrote a longish
> post awhile back about the same thing.  MMY has
> effectively and with his blessing released TM teachers
> from whatever commitment they felt to the TMO, while at
> the same time giving those who wanted an opportunity to
> renew that commitment to do so.
> Yet, remarkably, we focus almost exclusively on the
> latter as if the former didn't even exist.

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