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> Oh.  Is she an elected representative?

Yes, from Georgia (elected in 2004 by 64 percent in
a majority white district; she'd already served 10
years in Congress but was defeated in 2002).

Oh, okay...I didn't recognize her, not havng seen her picture in a while.

She's something of a fringe-left nutcase, and she's
a favorite target of right-wingers like Shemp.
Google "Cynthia McKinney" and "racist" and you'll
see what kind of company Shemp keeps.

What a surprise.

Here's a fairly balanced piece on her antics from



She has something like a 95 percent ADA voting record,
and she has fought hard for many progressive causes
(pro-union, pro-education, pro-abortion rights, etc.).

The Capitol Hill police, it seems, have a history of
great difficulty recognizing her as a member of

So they harass her? Seems like a lawsuit could take care of that, especially if they do it fairly regularly.

She's currently embroiled in a dispute in
which she apparently smacked a Hill officer in the
chest after he grabbed her to stop her from entering
the building without passing through the metal
detector (members of Congress don't have to).  They
say she doesn't wear her official pin.

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