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> In this case I believe what Adi Da is referring to is "talking  
> school" is the Satsang "school"--it's his choice of english words for  
> his (primarily) western audience. 

No, Vaj, thats not the point here. He was referring to two schools at
Advaita, as if one was talking (shravana) and the other one was
practising (nididhysana), but that has never been a distinction within
Advaita as 'schools' Its simply a making up by AdiDa, who really
speaking is making up his own system, is more a sort of a shaktipath
guy in the Muktananda line, and that is just a different path.

> It is also interesting because it  
> brings into play the role of *intellectual illumination* which is a  
> style of realization often ignored in the satsang/Neo-advaita  
> setting. I have a wonderful example of this of a Christian meditator,  
> where the entire group shared the experience. It is temporary,  
> although deeply illuminating.
> "minimal, weak, superficial, temporary, and merely mental (or
> intellectual)" as he puts it.

Well, if it was merely mental, then it simply didn't refer to the goal
of the Advaitic teaching. That may use the mind, but necessarily goes
beyond it. And unfortunately for you, Christians are not really the
authorities on Jnana Yoga or immediate enlightenment. Otherwise they
wouldn't be Christians anymore. They are Bhakti yogis of some sort,
and as such he simply told his opinion.
> We should not overlook this experience of super-subtle thought.


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