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> In a message dated 4/17/06 9:42:03 P.M. Central Daylight Time,  
> Er, the  agenda has been a regime change in Iraq followed by  
> democracy and  
> > hopefully a regime change from within in Iran. The Iranian  
> don't like 
> > their government and really would like  better relations with 
> west. And 
> > hopefully with enough  discontent internally they would change 
> their  own regime.
> And  you really believe nuking Iran is going to turn
> the people *against* their  government?
> that's doubtful. But it might be an only and last option.

It isn't an option if there's no chance of its working.

> If  it is the only way to shut their operation down and prevent 
> them from building  their own then so be it.

And then you've got your 40,000 maddened suicide bombers,
or more, some of them with suitcase nukes, as you and
others keep pointing out.

> I take it you don't mind if they have their own nuclear  arsenal, 
> do you? I mean everybody else has them, why shouldn't they? Is 
that  where 
> you're coming from?

That's too stupid to respond to.

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