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> > > > From my point of view, Lawson represents an almost-
> > > > perfect example of the "TM paradigm," which is based on
> > > > the assumption that the TM view of things and descrip-
> > > > tion of things is correct, and that any view or description
> > > > that differs from that is by definition incorrect. 
> > > 
> > > Well of course. However, I'm well aware that my paradigm may be
> > > flawed, incorrect and/or incomplete.
> > 
> > And one of the ways you *find out* whether your
> > paradigm is flawed, incorrect, and/or incomplete
> > is to compare it closely with other paradigms,
> > including the rationales for those paradigms, and
> > scientific research if it's available.
> > 
> > Barry's basing his accusation that you aren't open
> > to other paradigms on the fact that you're doing
> > exactly what would be expected if you *were* open
> > to other paradigms.
> But the scientific paradigm is one that Barry rejects (when it
> suits him, I think) when dealing with spiritual matters.

Oh, indeed.  I noted *that* odd contradiction in an
earlier post.  Barry positively foamed at the mouth
when Shemp asked him about evidence for his claim of
having seen Frederick Lenz levitate, for example, but
derided those who believed in a past golden age as
recounted in the Vedas because there was no scientific
evidence for it.

But I don't think he's referring to the scientific
paradigm here, rather the TM paradigm of the nature
and mechanics of consciousness.

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