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> As for the gas mileage, I've talked to two people I know who have
> Prius' and they both say that they get about 40 miles to the gallon
> and not the the much higher-rated mileages.  I get, consistently, 31
> miles to the gallon with my Corolla.  So although I love the concept
> of the Prius there is no way I'd pay an extra $5,000 for a Prius if
> all I'm going to get is 30% more better gas mileage: I'm spending
> about $1,000 a year on gas and I would save only about $220.00 if I
> had a Prius...so how does spending an extra $5,000 to save $220.00
> make sense?  I'd have to have the Prius for about 20 years to break
> even...

According to a piece I read recently, the Prius makes
economic sense for the individual only if most of
his/her driving is done in city traffic.  On the freeway,
as you say, it's not that much better than a standard

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