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> Yes, the game of Tiddly-Winks goes on, and on, and on...

Tiddlywinks FAQ:


Hosted by the North American Tiddlywinks Association.

This is serious stuff, folks.  An excerpt from the
Lexicon of Tiddlywinks:

pile · n a set of two or more winks, some squopped and ordinarily one
or more free, in which each wink is either squopping another wink in
the group, and/or is squopped by another wink in the group

pile flip · a shot which results in a wink from within a pile or
underneath a squop ending up on top

pile-jump (UK) = gromp (Winking World 50, page 13)

PINTS · n Pinner Tiddlywinks Society (UK)

pip · n a notional measure of benefit resulting from a shot [1980s+]

pivot n the movement of a wink around a point of contact with another

Plan 47 · n potting a partnership's remaining free winks when many of
its winks are squopped in a large pile, with the hope that the
opponents will be forced to free a wink from that pile

plexy (US) · n a squidger made of Plexiglas

point · n either a time-limit point (now called tiddlies) or a game

point transfer · n the transfer of one game point to the winning pair
in a game which ends in a potout

poke (US) · n the application of a squidger to a wink or pile with a
quick, short stroke that is intended to result in moving a single
wink a short distance to result in a desired objective.

Port Stanley (UK) = n bomb (Devlin, 1985)

positional game · n a game which is marked by many small adjustments
to the positions of winks on the mat. In Britain, chiefly associated
with Nick Inglis--hence sometimes an "Inglis game".  In the USA in
the 1970s, associated with Bill Renke and Ross Callon.

poss · n (UK) to send a wink no more than a quarter of the distance
intended, especially if the shot was an easy one [Named after Poss
Ellis, OUTS winker, January 1993 during the Cambridge Open; Newswink
28, page 10]

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