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> That  *some* white people refused to come out and meet
> him.  He was a hero,  even a saint, to a large portion
> of the population.  Read about his  funeral and the
> national mourning that took place after  his
> assassination.
> Judy, Lincoln only became a hero once the War was over or at  best
> when there was light at the end of the tunnel, that the war would
> soon end  with a Union victory. Until then, the press gave him hell
> and even one of the  most beloved northern generals, McClellan  ran
> for president against  him. Lincoln did not have an easy time.
> Victory changes every  thing.

The claim (which you snipped) was that all white people
in the U.S. hated him because of the Emancipation
Proclamation.  That was not the case, of course.  There
was a very strong abolitionist movement and a lot of
antislavery sentiment, and those people were ecstatic
at the Proclamation.

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