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> > the joys of the relative have not returned to the
> > overshadowing glory they used to be. Erotically, I'm still dead.
> > Enjoyment of food returned only a little bit. Gazing with Waking Down
> > teachers used to be experientially delicious, and now it is flat.
> > Basically, I'm bored stiff and this body feels like a prison.
> I had a period when life had nothing to offer. Human
> beings seemed like little more than shit factories.
> After three months, I grew tired of it. I reaffirmed
> my belief that life is founded in bliss. I subscribed
> to Daily Word and read its affirmations. Life regained
> its sparkle because I willed it to. But first I had to
> decide the alternative was too tiresome.
> Our experiences undoubtedly spring from different
> causes and call for different responses, but that's my
> story. I wish you the best of luck.
+++  Hey Alex, wish I could have a little of the boredom as I have a
serious shortage- haven't had any in the last 50 years.
     Would you have some time on the weekend to debate on what
computer equipment to buy as I am needing to upgrade.
     It looks like you have quite a bit of expierience with the
subject and would be a great help.  thanks,  N.

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