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I'm *in favor* of life without parole for him, given
the inadequacy of our psychiatric treatment at
rehabilitating folks of his type.  But you're kidding
yourself if you think he's ever going to understand
what you want him to understand.  More than likely,
being in prison will make him even angrier and more
convinced than ever that he's the righteous one.

You want him to *suffer*, as your earlier response
made clear.  But that's just a need for vengeance
on your part.  You really ought to look at your
need to feel avenged.  It's not going to bring
anybody back, and it's certainly not going to do
*you* any good.
Judy you are mistaking if you think I care whether he ever realizes what he did. I don't. I just want him locked away for ever and the last thing I want him to have is a "nice day". He doesn't deserve it. The last thing I want is any future terrorist thinking if he gets caught by the United States he'll have an easy life in a cushy American jail complete with all amenities. Call  me hateful, vindictive whatever, I'll reserve my compassion for others a bit more deserving or at least less hostile.

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