My take on it is that Judy loves a good fight. It makes her feel alive or
something. Since Barry isn't playing along much lately, Curtis' debut got
her salivating. But he was so darned nice and polite. Has he been castrated?
What's his problem? Anyway, she's been trying unsuccessfully to goad him
into an argument.

on 5/11/06 7:37 AM, TurquoiseB at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> --- In, anon_astute_ff <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> --- In, "shempmcgurk" <shempmcgurk@>
> wrote:
>>> Google Groups tell us that your exchanges with Curtis happened
>>> between February 1997 and November 1997.
>>> Maybe the poor bastard is a different person?  Maybe he's
>>> changed (assuming that he was this horrible person that
>>> you paint him out as being)?
>>> Why in heaven's name can't you give it up, Judy?
>>> Do you not see your obsessive post (below) as being a
>>> tad bit kooky?
>> A "tad bit kooky"? How about "way kooky" and so typical
>> we've all grown used to it, but watch anyway, like people
>> rubbernecking at a car accident?
>> More like a fine whine that grows more bitter with age.
>> I'm sure the cognitive dissonance is wearing on her,
>> defending something long dead, as this latest obsessive
>> rant from Ms. Stein shows. Can't transcend these deep
>> attachments. I feel her pain.
> I honestly think that's the whole point. She's in
> pain, and wants other people to feel it and share it.
> I am commenting with (I hope) some sense of compassion,
> because this latest escapade is so transparent that I
> think almost everyone here sees it for what it is. In
> all honesty, I think that the sense of pain Judy feels
> and hopes to share with people comes from an ever-
> shrinking self (small s). She has been imprisoned in
> it for so long that she has really come to believe
> that it is who she is. Unlike some here, she really
> hasn't ever had strong experiences that just blow
> her out of her socks and out of her self long enough
> to realize that it's an illusion. So when someone
> challenges the ideas she has about her self, the self
> reacts angrily, and out of a sense of survival. It's
> like watching a psychic fight-or-flight response,
> in this case almost always spoiling for a fight.
> The solution is something that, sadly, none of us
> can provide her with -- a transcendental or near-
> transcendental experience so strong that she exper-
> iences and *feels* how illusory her ideas of self
> are, how illusory her beliefs are, how manufactured
> are her truths. Without that subjective experience,
> there's really very little possibility of her self
> releasing control and allowing the human being who
> lives inside to shine forth.
> Compounding the problem is the fact that, unlike
> many if not most of the people here, Judy has never
> been a teacher. Those who have know all too well
> the liberating effect of having to put one's ego
> and self on the shelf, in the interest of another.
> Yeah, you'd like to stand up there in front of a
> group of people and say shit that glorifies your
> own ego and gets them to compliment you and say
> how brilliant you are. But it's just not fuckin'
> *appropriate*, man. Your position there in front
> of the class is to *help* people, to possibly
> convey enough experience and information to them
> to assist them in their own self realization. This
> is a process that wears *away* the self, as opposed
> to reinforcing its hold on us. Judy has never had
> that experience.
> As far as I can tell, her gratification and sense
> of satisfaction in life has always come from one
> thing and one thing only -- "winning" arguments.
> She posts links here to her Great Slams Of The
> Past, asking people to go read how she devastated
> some opponent with her brilliance years or decades
> ago.  I ask you...if that's not sad, and deserving
> of compassion, what is? Is there *nothing* in her
> present that she can see and point to with a
> similar sense of pride or accomplishment?
> I'm sorry to perpetuate this whole mess by comment-
> ing again, but really the time felt right to do so.
> I've been avoiding her -- I do not read her posts,
> except as quoted by other posters whose posts I
> do read, and I do not reply to anything she says
> to me or about me. It's the only thing I can think
> of to do. I feel sad for her, and for whatever
> circumstances made her this unhappy, after a life-
> time of meditation, but really IT'S JUST NOT MY
> FUCKIN' PROBLEM. I wish her well at becoming a
> human being, but after all these years with no
> change whatsoever, I'm not gonna hold my breath,
> and I'm certainly not going to compound things
> by responding to her and giving her sad ego the
> fuel it needs to perpetuate the stranglehold
> it has on her.
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