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>       Sir. Rick Archer, are you implying that Maharishi was a Good
Guru and then became a Not-so-Good Guru..??!!
>       I have a doubt,  Prof. Moriarty was always one step ahead of
Sherlock Holmes.  If Prof. Moriarty practices TM, will it make him
even more brilliant criminal..??!!
>       Or, Prof. Moriarty would reform himself and act more in tune
with the Total-Natural-Law..??
> Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>   Date: Sat, 13 May 2006 18:29:15 -0500
> Subject: Re: [FairfieldLife] Re: Girlfriends Galore for MMY, eh?
>    you can be pregnant and then have a miscarriage.
>   Jason Spock at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
>   Ha Ha, My keyboard has a problem with the letter "O' .  The o's
run off without control.

>    No man in his right mind would call his Secretary into his
bedroom at 4.00'am at Night and ask her to read Poetry..!!???

>    A man is either a Guru or Charlatan.  He cannot be both.

>    You cannot be a little pregnant.  Either you're pregnant or not.

I'm not sure what celibacy has to do with being a teacher; is this a
Catholic thing? or something?
Eckart Tolle, is a teacher, who has a girl-friend.
Why are people so obsessed with this.
Is it an _expression_ of sexual frustration on the part of the accuser?
You know sex is not some kind of evil thing, is it?
Isn't that how we all got into this physical world?
Did your parents ever have sex?
Where they bad people for having sex, and mixing thier egg and sperm?
Ah, by the way, the news now, is Jesus had sex, with Mary Magdalene...
Does that make his teachings less true.
Or just undermine the patriarchical power structure created by the
Romans and propagated through the centuries, to shame and guilt
people onto submission.
Might as well get used to it.
Sex is here to stay, and has little to do with anything besides being
pleasurable, a way to express affection, and maintain the species.

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